Chinese Programmer Creates A Bot That Chats With His Girlfriend While He Is Busy Working

The chatbot and his girlfriend had exchanged 300 messages at the end of his workday.

Cover image via 9to5Mac/Arif Riyanto on Unsplash (Edited by SAYS)

A software programmer with a popular China-based commerce company has gone viral for his simple solution to maintaining a relationship

Image via Weibo

In the now-deleted post, the man - named as Li Kaixiang by Abacus News - said that when he got busy at work, he had to ignore his girlfriend's messages on WeChat.

So he created a bot that would chat with his girlfriend 24/7. 

By the end of the day, Li's girlfriend had sent the bot over 300 messages

Image via Weibo

"I may have been replaced," he joked. 

At one point, Li's girlfriend seemed to have figured out that she was not exactly talking to her boyfriend.

Image via Abacus News

The creative solution was well-received by netizens, with many cracking jokes about needing the bot for themselves as well

"I also want to download."

Image via Weibo

"My boyfriend may need it too."

Image via Weibo

"The programme was made with lots of love."

Image via Weibo

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