Game Studio Boss Demands His Team Join Him For 'Naked Sauna' Sessions To Find New Ideas

Apparently, it's to get inspired and brainstorm new ideas.

Cover image via Ron Lach (Pexels) & Pavel Danilyuk (Pexels)

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A game development studio from Poland recently posted a recruitment advertisement with a rather weird requirement: potential hirers must attend naked sauna sessions with the entire team at least once

Spectrum Studios Creative Director, Jacek Piórkowski, posted the bizarre job ad on LinkedIn. It's worth noting that the studio includes female staff.

As it turns out, not everyone on his team was enthusiastic about the idea.

The ad went viral due to its unusual request, with many in the Polish and global game development community slamming Piórkowski.

However, Piórkowski defended the job ad in a video posted on LinkedIn, explaining that the studio is working on a "saunamaster" video game

Speaking in Polish, Piórkowski implied that the sauna sessions may also include events exclusively for females or males.

He also argued that his staff have to be in the nude because towels that get drenched in the steam box may be susceptible to fungal infection.

In a separate comment, Piórkowski suggested that by holding naked sauna meetings, his team would be able to create better video game content and scenes.

He also claimed that his methods have borne fruit, as some of his "narrative girls" have written "awesome scenes".

LinkedIn users pointed out that Piórkowski's requirement blatantly disregards professional boundaries, as some co-workers would feel uncomfortable being naked in the sauna with their team members

Image via LinkedIn
Image via LinkedIn
Image via LinkedIn
Image via LinkedIn

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