Starlink Now Has An Authorised Reseller In Malaysia, With Plans Starting From RM200

It's REDtone.

Cover image via Malay Mail & REDtone

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REDtone Digital Bhd has inked a deal with SpaceX to become Malaysia's authorised reseller for its satellite broadband service, Starlink

Image via Malay Mail

Starlink, a satellite Internet constellation operated by Elon Musk's aerospace company SpaceX, enables activities requiring fast and stable Internet, such as streaming, video calls, online gaming, remote working, and more, in even the most remote locations.

REDtone is prepared to deploy the Starlink broadband services across the country

In a statement today, 28 November, REDtone, an integrated telecommunications and digital infrastructure services provider, announced its capability to swiftly deploy Starlink's broadband services across Malaysia.

With a team of over 150 dedicated engineers, REDtone said it aims to extend Starlink's high-speed Internet services to users in remote locations and areas facing geographical and environmental challenges.

REDtone CEO Lau Bik Soon expressed confidence in the company's ability to enhance connectivity and provide reliable broadband solutions through this partnership with Starlink

REDtone CEO Lau Bik Soon

Image via REDtone

"We are targeting sectors which are showing an increasing reliance on satellite services such as oil and gas, telecommunications, shipping and maritime, financial services and plantations.

"These sectors are expected to be a significant driver of satellite market growth in the country and will enhance the company's profitability," he said.

This deal also means that Malaysia is one step closer to achieving 100% Internet penetration

According to Lau, only a remainder of 3% of the nation's population is residing in locations with restricted or no internet connectivity.

"This is where we come in to fill the broadband gap via satellite, to enable economic growth, provide access to education and healthcare, and enhance public safety," said Lau.

REDtone offers a range of enterprise-grade Satellite Managed Internet Services across the country

The internet service provider offers customers a fully managed service that includes monthly subscription plans, a designated accounts manager, expert engineering services, and effortless installation.

What stands out is their monthly subscription model, which removes the need for significant upfront hardware costs. Clients receive personalised assistance from a dedicated manager for solutions and network design advice. Furthermore, they have access to Redtone Customer Support through phone, email, and online channels.

Here's how much it costs to install and enjoy Starlink services:

Image via Starlink

For standard users, the plan offers unlimited standard data at RM220 a month.

Starlink's Business plans range from RM571 a month to RM5,894 a month. The plans offer unlimited standard data with 40GB to 6TB of priority data. Businesses can anticipate download speeds of 40Mbps to 220Mbps, upload speeds of 8Mbps to 25Mbps, and a latency of 25 to 60ms.

Customers on-the-go can opt for the mobile plan starting at RM700 a month for the regional plan, and for globetrotters, the plan is offered at RM940 a month.

The standard Starlink hardware is priced at RM2,300, and the Flat High-Performance kit costs RM11,613.

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