Student Claims He Got Straight A's Writing Essays Using AI, So We Tried It Out Ourselves

We wrote an essay in 30 seconds... kinda.

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Have you ever thought to yourself, how nice it would be if our homework and essays would just write themselves?

Well, one student from Norway may have just made this dream a reality.

Introducing himself to SAYS as Kevin, he recently made a post on Reddit which went viral on Twitter.

Kevin revealed that he has been using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool to write essays and answer questions about movies and books for school projects

From the posting on the r/OpenAI subreddit page, he also said that he's made a profit by utilising this action as a service.

"For a couple of weeks, I have made $100 profit by "doing" homework for other classmates and now I am looked at as a genius."

In the post, he asked other redditors about their thoughts on this

There were some who were skeptical, but questioned the credibility of school and education systems if they're not able to assess whether something was written by AI.

Others were strongly against the idea, saying that it's not advisable to use GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) which is essentially an AI-powered tool that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

One redditor went on to say that we shouldn't let AI think for us, but thought that it was okay to use it to gather talking points, as long as the user verified the evidence themselves.

Speaking to SAYS, Kevin said that he tried using the tool with non-writing subjects such as Chemistry, but it didn't work quite as well

"I tried using it, but it didn't work well as all the results came out wrong. I didn't even bother with Math because the tool is solely made for generating text," Kevin told SAYS.

Intrigued by Kevin's initial claim in his post, we decided to give AI writing a go too

So we opened up this website called, which is an AI-powered content generator that provides writing solutions for a vast array of content spanning blog posts, social media copy, ad copy, website copy, and more! 

It is also powered by the same GPT-3 tech that Kevin used for his essays.

After signing up, we got a seven-day free trial of the Pro version of the tool, so we tried out a few features

There were a number of functions that the website provided, but we decided on the 'Blog Title' option first.

Image via

Because who doesn't love nasi lemak right? :P 

After writing down a baseline topic, we pressed on the 'Create Content' button to see how it'll work its magic.

Image via

It then generated more than a few topics based on our initial idea, giving it some spin and rewording it around!

Afterwards, we tried the 'freestyle' feature which generated content based on the points that we gave the tool

Image via

Essentially, they'll ask a few things so they can better understand what you're trying to create. We put in that we were trying to create a blog post, and a few points we would like to see manifest in that blog post. 

You can even choose how you want the content to sound by picking a tone ranging from friendly to professional.

Image via

After this, the content will be generated from the points that you keyed in.

From the excerpt it created above, it can be seen that the AI did a pretty decent job introducing the topic.

It describes what nasi lemak is, a brief part of its history, its ingredients, and even ways you can eat nasi lemak!

And guess what... it passed the plagiarism check :P

So, what do you guys think? Are you gonna start using AI-powered tools for your assignments? ;P

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