Millions Of Users Flock New Messaging App 'Telegram' After WhatsApp Acquisition

According to this messaging app's official Twitter account, it gained over 1 million new users right after Facebook announced it had bought WhatsApp for RM67 billion.

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One Day After Facebook's Acquiring Of Whatsapp, Another Messaging App Called Telegram Tweeted That It Had Gained 500,000 New Users

On February 20th, Telegram tweeted that it gained 500,000 new users.

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Telegram, a messaging app that emphasizes privacy and security, added millions of new users Sunday, following WhatsApp's biggest outage in years.

The Company Also Tweeted That Due To The Sudden Influx Of Users, The Service Experienced Downtime And Were Also Adding Servers

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The sudden influx of users— new users were registering at a rate of 100 new user per second, the company tweeted— caused the service to have its own connection issues in Europe.

Telegram Is A Messaging App That Allows Users To Send Each Other Encrypted Messages, Photos, Videos And Documents

The free app lets iPhone and Android users send encrypted messages, photos, videos, and documents to anyone else who has Telegram. It is the fifth most downloaded app in the app store right now.

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On 24 February 2014, Telegram Tweeted That It Had Become The #1 Most Downloaded iPhone App In 48 Countries

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Telegram tweets of downloads.

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The outage appears to have boosted Telegram's downloads considerably. By Sunday afternoon, the company was reporting it had added 4.95 million users on that day alone.

Telegram Was Created By Nikolai And Pavel Durov, The Two Brothers Behind Russia's Largest Social Network, VK

Launched last year, Telegram is a messaging client for iOS and Android that is very WhatsApp-like with a basic user interface and focus on sending messages quickly and efficiently.

VK founder Pavel Durov at TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin.

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Founder of Russian social site VKontakte Pavel Durov is an ideal for those who like smart guys. In 2006, he graduated from the philological faculty of St. Petersburg State University. While still a student, Paul took part in the development of a social network “Vkontakte”, which for the first year of its existence, broke all records for attendance.

The Founders Of Telegram Have Expressed That They Are Not Interested In Making Money From The App And Have No Future Plans To Sell The App, Accept Investments Or Charge Users For Its Services

Telegram is free and will stay free without ads or subscription fees, forever. Telegram is a non-profit project. The team says they do not intend to sell ads, bring revenue or accept outside investment.

Interestingly, The Next Web Reported That Google Trends Suggested That More People Were Unaware Of Whatsapp, With Less People Concerned About Finding An Alternative

Google Trends of Whatsapp.

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Interestingly, Google Trends — a service that shows how popular search terms used on Google are over periods of time — suggests that more people were unaware of WhatsApp, with less people concerned about finding an alternative

WhatsApp VS. Telegram, A Review In VIDEO:

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On 19 Feb 2014, Facebook Bought Whatsapp For $19 billion (RM67 billion)

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