This Malaysian 'Bro-To-Bro' Startup Discreetly Delivers Condoms To Bros In 'Need'

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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So you've been out all night at the bar trying to get to know some ladies. You're wondering if you're still the stud that you were 5 years ago...

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In the wise words of Pharrell Williams, you're trying to get lucky. ;)

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You try your best, God knows you did - by spitting out some pretty killer pickup lines and buying a drink or two. After countless failed attempts, you got lucky!

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You still got game, bro.

After bringing her home, you take a quick look in your wallet to make sure you have the 'tools' needed to play safe because you're a responsible young man. But you realised that you aren't carrying any condoms.

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Don't freak out just yet, because you can call on The Brotherhood, a local startup that specialises in delivering condoms. Yeah, CONDOMS.

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According to the Vulcan Post, The Brotherhood is a B2B (bro-to-bro) startup that delivers 3 condoms right to your doorstep within 30 minutes

The Brotherhood is a B2B business (bro-to-bro) that you can call upon and they will deliver a pack of 3 condoms to you within a period of 30 minutes.

You can call them, text them or fill up a form at their website - and Bro Daniel (that's how they call each other, called The Brotherhood for a reason) will assign a rider to drop off your condoms

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A fee of RM10 is required for 1 pax of condom and delivery.

They will deliver the goods as discreetly as possible as well, so you won't have to worry about your mum finding out

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You could call them your very own 'condom ninjas'.

How did the peculiar idea of condom delivery came about?

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The idea of the brotherhood came to be after Brother Daniel and his business partner Guan—I guess we can call him Brother Guan—had a hackathon. They usually conduct a tiny hackathon every time a new member joins their company and after a casual discussion about the common problems they face as men, they came up with the idea of Brotherhood.

While the idea may strike off as inappropriate to some, the Brotherhood can be helpful to people who are afraid to walk into a 7-11 to purchase a condom. It is a social stigma that can be dangerous and detrimental - considering sex diseases are on the rise.

Check out the Brotherhood here

Safe sex is important people! No matter where you choose to do it...

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