22 Pictures Of Perfect Handwriting That Will Make You Wonder If They're Real

This is the handwriting your teachers can only dream of!

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The art of writing is not new. Dating back to the prehistoric ages, man has been writing down information for all to see. Some have taken it one step further by making their handwriting into an art in itself...

1. When Lord Of The Rings inspires your very words

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2. This deserves to be in a textbook. Just look at the detail!

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3. The handwriting every teacher dreams of reading

4. We could keep watching this all day

5. Who needs a printer when your handwriting is perfect?

6. Now this guy is just showing off. Who ever thought of using broccoli to write?

This guy is Ian Barnard, who loves to experiment with lots of different mediums such pens to vegetables. Now you know what to do if you don't have a pen in school. ;)

7. Simple for you maybe, but for the rest of us this looks absolutely difficult!

8. Can you please teach us how to draw like that free hand?

This one is done by Jackson Alves.

9. They always say left handers are the creative ones. We think that's true.

This one is done by Matt Vergotis.

10. We're really really happy at how beautiful this is

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11. Those lines are so beautiful...

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12. Why did we ever give up writing for tapping keys on keyboards?

13. This is actually a Hawaiian themed wedding invitation. Aloha!

14. Curves are sexy

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15. This one speaks for itself

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16. Totally out of this world!

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17. This is actually a book ledger from 1894

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18. We'd pay to join this class to get fit AND learn how to write like this

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21. Say YES if this made you happy you have OCD

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22. Fantastic is an understatement

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It doesn't matter if you have cakar ayam handwriting or on fleek writing, it's time to take things to a whole new level...

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