This Phone Case Lets You Print Photos Directly From Your Phone!

Now you can print your last minute travel itinerary on your phone!

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French startup company Prynt has come up with a phone case that includes a built-in printer

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French startup Prynt has developed a new accessory - a phone case that lets you instantly print a selfie or any photo you have taken using your smartphone basically transforming your device into a miniature Polaroid camera.

Printing pictures right from your phone has never been easier. A brand new smartphone case from French developers can do it in less than a minute – and the final version will have a feature that will make your photos move. The young French start-up Prynt recently presented its smartphone case, which includes a built-in printer. It is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and can produce a photo in about 50 seconds.

The allure of instant photo printing may have passed for most folks, despite some semblance of Polaroid hanging around, but a French startup is looking to rekindle the habit. The company is working on Prynt: a phone case that packs a compact printer inside a frame that resembles a point-and-shoot camera.

Born out a year's worth of research, the Prynt will apparently cost less than USD100 and will be made available on crowdfunding site Kickstarter early next year and will be available on popular phone platforms

Coming out of a small French startup and the fruit of nearly a year’s design process, the Prynt photo printing case is an interesting idea indeed. Designed to marry with your smartphone and then print the photos that it takes almost instantly, the Prynt will apparently cost less than $100 when it is made available via Kickstarter early next year.

The company began working on the case in January, and is planning to launch it on Kickstarter at the beginning of 2015 at a price of $99.

Prynt CEO Clément Perrot says that the case will only cost $99 when first made available via a Kickstarter early next year and will be able to support flagship phones with ~4.x-inch screens. They’re currently working on a mount that will also account for phablets like the Galaxy Note or iPhone 6 Plus.

A picture will roughly take 50 seconds to print although the company aims to drop that number down to just 30 seconds

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Currently, the app takes about 50 seconds to print a photo and can only hold one piece of paper. The retail version of the Prynt case, however, is expected to take roughly 30 seconds and hold between 10 and 30 pieces — which means you won’t have to reload it every time you take a picture.

The current version takes about 50 seconds from photo to printed paper and can only hold one piece of paper at a time. But the planned consumer version will hold 10-30 sheets of paper and take fewer than 30 seconds to print thanks to better hardware integration and a direct physical connection between the phone and case.

Right now, prototypes are capable of putting ink to paper for physical copies in just under a minute; however, final models will reduce that time to under 30 seconds. The shell also houses 10-30 sheets of paper for individual prints, and thanks to a companion app, outputs can be used to view captured videos with bit of augmented reality magic.

The device will be equipped with WiFi and bluetooth features so that pictures can be transferred wirelessly. There's also an option of transferring it physically as well thanks to a built in physical connection.

The photo taken on your phone using the Prynt app will be sent to the case via Bluetooth, the built-in printer found in the case will then do the magic and print the photo for you in 50 seconds, according to Modern Readers.

It is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and can produce a photo in about 50 seconds.

Prototypes that are being shown off currently connect via Bluetooth, but Prynt will eventually connect to smartphones via hardware, which will help speed up that printing process. Speaking of printing, the photos will be made into reality thanks to the built-in printer that can heat pre-filled ink paper. We’ve not seen one ourselves, but we’re told the output is not to be sniffed at.

There's a physical connection to your phone too, so you won't have to rely on Bluetooth or WiFi to send flies along.

Prynt has one more trick up your sleeve if you're not yet impressed. Prynt has a secondary but equally awesome feature that turns photos into videos. Magic!

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When you take a photo, the Prynt app will actually record a few seconds of video and upload it to the cloud. Then, once printed, you can hold the photo up to the app and watch it become a moving image.

Perrot also unveiled to TechCrunch that the invention has yet another cool feature called augmented reality. When a person takes a photo with Prynt's app, it records a video before and after the shot and sends it to a cloud. When the picture is viewed with the app open and held against the camera, the photo becomes a video – so you can see the picture come alive with moving characters.

Watch how Prynt works in the video below:

Don't you think we're one step closer to those moving pictures just like in the movies?

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