This Smartphone Sized 'Jumpr' Not Only Charges Your Phone... It Even Jumpstarts Your Car

With the slim and portable Jumpr, you never have to fear running out of juice for either your phone or your vehicle.

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This blue brick may look like a lot of other chargers out there, but it’s powerful enough to juice up your phone, tablet…or even your car

Juno powered Jumpr

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Like Bluetooth speakers, a flood of portable gadget chargers gets released into the world every week. But with the exception of their color schemes and current specs–1-amp chargers for phones, 2-amp chargers for iPads and other tablets–they all do pretty much the same thing. Not the Juno Power Jumpr.`

Unlike other battery pack options for jumping your car, the Jumpr manages to slim in at 7 ounces and is 5.5 inches long, about the size of a chunky smartphone

This smartphone recharger packs a lot of power

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The company behind this product is Juno Power. The slim Jumpr battery packs 6000mAh of energy and can deliver up to 2.1A through its single USB port.

Yes, in a pinch you can use the Jumpr to jump-start your auto. The 6000 mAh, cell-phone-sized charger is capable of delivering a 12-volt, 300-amp output from a dedicated port. It comes with a jumper-cable attachment, and the cable has a built-in chip designed to prevent reverse charging of the Jumpr’s lithium-polymer cell.

However, there are some limitations on the kind of vehicle the Jumpr can jump

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It probably won't help you start up your Jean-Claude Van Damme-splitting Volvo semi truck, but it is good for most cars with four- and six-cylinder engines. A built-in LED flashlight will help light the way if you're stuck in a dark parking space at night.

For charging gadgets with the Jumpr, you use an entirely different port

It has a separate micro USB connector that delivers a 2-amp output for all your phone, tablet, and camera-charging needs. Sadly, it won’t recharge a laptop, though.

The gadget can be charged up using micro USB or a cigarette power port on a vehicle. The Jumpr is currently available for preorder until May 1 for $69.99, with the suggested retail price moving up to $89.99 after that.

If you're the kind of person who demands more than a single purpose from your gadgets, Jumpr is not a bad combination to consider

It sure beats begging random strangers for jumper cables.

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