U Mobile Announces Lag-Free Gaming & Other 5G Perks That You Can Enjoy In The Near Future

No more buffering!

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Recently, U Mobile demonstrated four ways 5G technology will improve our daily lives at the 5G Malaysia Showcase in Putrajaya

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With the advent of 5G looming around the corner, U Mobile showed us just how much this new technology would benefit us, beyond the use of smartphones at 5G Malaysia Showcase.

Here's what was unveiled:

1. Remote healthcare and treatment for on-the-go medical practitioners

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Slated to be one of the primary users of 5G connectivity, the healthcare industry will benefit greatly from faster connectivity in a number of ways.

We’re all used to waiting in long lines at hospitals just to get a simple checkup or consultation. With the use of 5G, we won’t need to be waiting any longer than necessary. That’s because your doctor won’t even have to be there just to consult you! Utilising the sheer speed of 5G, doctors will be able to perform consultations and various treatments remotely and precisely

This doesn’t just benefit us regular city or town folk either. Those living in remote or underserved areas will also be able to get easy access to healthcare and medical treatment.

Plus, large imaging files like MRI scans will be transmitted to doctors more quickly and efficiently via 5G connectivity, which then speeds up the rate of medical treatment overall.

2. Multi 4K simultaneous streaming for the multitaskers

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With current 3G and 4G connectivity, to stream more than one 4k video simultaneously is like asking a rock to move. If it does happen, the quality will be poor.

However, U Mobile aims to demonstrate that with boosted bandwidth provided by 5G, users will be able to stream multiple 4K videos all at the same time. Users will also discover that each video streamed over 5G will exhibit more defined pictures for an enhanced entertainment experience. No more buffering, no more stray pixels!

3. Ultra low latency for the gaming connoisseur

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If you’re unfamiliar with what ‘low latency’ is, it refers to the amount of delay in which a computer network processes a large amount of data. Low latency refers to a low amount of delay.

With 5G connectivity, U Mobile wants to provide gamers with the lowest latency gaming experience ever! No more lag, no more crashed and rebooted games, just keep playing.

5G technology provides up to 10-20 Gbps transmission rate with little delay. This can be used to help render virtual reality (VR) game scenes in the cloud, which can then be transmitted to the user’s gaming console.

Likewise with 4K streaming, gamers will get to sit through a more refined and enhanced entertainment experience.

4. High definition CCTV surveillance, so you can keep an eye on the bad guys

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With the benefits of 5G technology, such as low latency, greater speed, and increased reliability, keeping an eye out for the baddies just got a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to choppy frame rates and low quality recordings. You’ll be able to catch every detail, right down to specific facial features! 

A more specific benefit of 5G to CCTV surveillance is the ability to capture images in low light, which helps tremendously in safeguarding valuable items.

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Image via U Mobile

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