4 Times Google Subtly Made Fun Of iPhone XS At Its Pixel 3 Event

The tech giant is back for an annual roast session.

Cover image via Made By Google 2018

At its annual launch event yesterday, 9 October, Google unveiled its newest flagship device – Pixel 3

Image via MKBHD
Image via MKBHD

The tech giant has been known to make fun of Apple's iPhones during its launch events in the last two years

Since Google launched the first Pixel phone in 2016, the tech giant had been subtly and overtly roasting Apple during its Pixel events. 

Screengrab of a woman biting into an Apple in Google's Pixel 2 promo video last year.

Image via Business Insider

Although Google took sarcasm down a few notches (pun intended) this year, here are their subtle jabs at Apple yesterday:

1. A glaring comparison of photos taken on iPhone XS and Pixel 3 in low-light conditions

The Pixel 3 photo was taken with the phone's new 'Night Sight' feature, to which Google has claimed that "you'll never use your flash again".

2. The 'Group Selfie Cam' on Pixel 3 includes 184% more of the background in selfies than iPhone XS does

Short arms? No problem!

3. Google got renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz to switch to the Pixel 3 from iPhones

According to The Verge, Annie had previously endorsed the iPhone 4S as her "snapshot camera of choice" in 2011. 

How renowned is Annie, you ask? She was the last professional to photograph John Lennon in 1980, five hours before he was shot and killed.

4. The company also kept up with its tradition of farcical names for its Pixel phone colours

(From left) Not Pink, Clearly White, and Just Black.

Image via Made By Google 2018

Major phone manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, have named their hues as "Space Grey", "Midnight Black", "Coral Blue" and so on.

The new addition to the Pixel's colours, "Not Pink", is widely seen as a direct shot at Apple's decision to name its clearly pink iPhone 8 as "Gold".

You can watch the full 'Made By Google' launch event here:

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