Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Drone

Beyond photography or videography purposes, drones have several other functions that you may not know of - no wonder it's becoming such a popular item!

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Thinking of getting a drone for yourself after seeing awesome drone photographs on social media?

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Even if you're not in it for photography or videography, flying one is definitely a tempting and fun prospect

But you're unsure of which one to get? Here are the top 5 things you should consider before buying a drone:

1. Not all drones are created equal. So who's it for?

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Drones comes in different sizes and specifications. There are drones with features such as removable plastic wheel, making them more indoor-friendly. These drones are also usually more simplistic in design and features, which is great for children who wants to have a taste of flying a drone. Some drones even allow you to control it effortlessly with a smartphone. Parents should be relieved to know that they do not have to worry when their children is flying the new toy in the house.

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On the other hand, there are also big, fast, sturdy fliers that are more suitable for adults. These drones are usually packed with more sophisticated features in a more complicated design, thus making it harder to control.

2. How much will it cost me?

Drones have several functions besides serving as a tool to take aerial photography or videography. They can also be used as a development tool, to transport goods, and yes, even to save lives.

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The price of a drone can be as little as below RM200 but it can also be expensive, going up to tens of thousands of ringgit. As such, it is important to predetermine what is the drone for because the more features a drone has, the more it will cost. If you're just buying a drone as a toy, you'll be saving a lot more money than buying a drone for photography or videography purposes.

3. Flying a drone requires some technical knowledge

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A drone, like any kind of technology, will require a person to have a certain level of technical knowledge in order to properly operate it.

Some models are designed to be literally plug-and-play; you hook up the battery, turn on the controller and away you go. Others require GPS calibration, trim adjustment or multiple network connections (i.e. radio, WiFi, Bluetooth) to get airborne.

Some models allow you to save the pictures and videos your drone takes right to your smartphone. Others require you to save images to a micro SD card (often sold separately) and then transfer the data to your computer.

4. You can get it anywhere now - brick and mortar or online

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No doubt, drones have been an increasingly popular item in the last few years that even drone racing is becoming a thing.

You can always get one from any photography retail stores like March Equipment Stores in Puchong. Otherwise, you can always scout around online from reputable camera online stores or various e-commerce websites such as Shashinki, eBay, Lazada and others to get the best deals.

5. It's not illegal to own one but you can be caught for operating it

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In Malaysia, purchasing an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is no different from buying a remote control car. No permit is needed (unless you own a drone above 20kg). But few people are aware that a person is required under the law to obtain approval from the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to operate a drone.

According to Senior Assistant Director, Air Traffic Management Sector, DCA, Muddatstsir bin Mashor as reported by Hardware Zone Malaysia:

• If you own a drone that is heavier than 7kg, then you need to register it if you are using it for commercial purpose.
• If you own a drone that is lighter than 7kg and you only fly it for leisure, then you don't need to register it.

Speaking of drones, check out these epic aerial shots of #Bersih4:

The police are also using drones in the near future too:

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