In The Market For A Gaming Chair? The TTRacing Swift X Pro May Be For You

Here's a simple upgrade to make your workstation or gaming space.

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Whether you're a gamer or not, investing in an affordable and comfortable gaming chair is never a bad idea

However, given the multitude of gaming chairs on the market, finding the perfect chair that suits your needs can be a challenge. Considering the ongoing debate between ergonomic chairs and gaming chairs, making a choice can be overwhelming. But don't worry, we're here to help you narrow down your options.

SAYS was recently given the opportunity to explore TTRacing's latest product, the TTRacing Swift X Pro gaming chair, and spoiler alert: we thoroughly enjoyed it!

The TTRacing Swift X Pro comes in two distinct versions

TTRacing offers the Swift X Pro in two different versions to cater to customers with diverse needs: polyurethane (PU) leather and fabric. For those unfamiliar, PU leather is a smooth, leather-like surface commonly found on various types of computer peripherals, such as gaming chairs, and headsets.

The chair is availalbe in five different PU leather colours: black, red, grey, stealth, and brown. Meanwhile, the fabric version comes in two options — black Dusk and white Dawn.

We opted for the Dusk black fabric version because we believe finding a fabric gaming chair is a rarity, and we've always been curious to experience the comfort of a fabric-wrapped gaming chair instead of the usual PU leather option.

Assembling the chair was straightforward and super simple

The sight of the box when it first arrived at our office was daunting — a large rectangular box adorned with TTRacing logos gave us the impression that it was heavy. Despite its gargantuan appearance, however, it's surprisingly light and doesn't require much effort to move.

As we began unpacking the box, we discovered a congratulatory card, a bag of loose screws, and a couple of hex drivers. We anticipated spending the morning sorting through the screws and figuring out where each one goes.

Fortunately, TTRacing has simplified the process. Each screw is pre-installed in its designated hole. All you need to do is locate the corresponding part, unscrew the hex screws, and screw on the relevant component. While we brought our tools to speed up the process, the included hex wrenches are more than sufficient for the job.

All in all, it only took two grown men about 15 minutes to effortlessly and completely assemble the TTRacing Swift X Pro Air Threads.

Comfort is the name of the game

As we settled into our newly assembled chair, the fabric Swift X Pro demonstrated exceptional comfort, surpassing the of the PU leather seats that we've used in the past. The plush foam seat, along with the fabric-wrapped, foam-padded armrests, cradles you and makes you feel snug and secure.

The adjustable backrest reclines up to 135 degrees, providing a comfortable space to relax in between games or work. The chair also features a locking mechanism to ensure it stays upright, and you can adjust the 'tightness' of the tilting mechanism. Plus, the luxurious velour-wrapped memory foam pillows supporting your lumbar and neck, enhancing your resting experience. Even the armrests' height is adjustable, allowing you to find the ideal position for your arm and elbows to rest during gaming sessions.

The wheelbase of the TTRacing Swift X Pro also offers excellent support, remaining stable throughout our testing of the backrest, with no signs of tipping.

Should you go for the fabric-wrapped chair instead of the PU leather chair?

We chose the fabric version primarily because fabric gaming chairs are a rare find in the market. Plus, a fabric gaming chair provides significantly better ventilation than its PU leather counterpart. The extra plush feel of the fabric also adds to the overall luxurious experience, surpassing the comfort of leatherette chair.

However, do keep in mind that maintaining the pristine appearance of a fabric chair requires some key considerations. For instance, water spills are a huge no-no with a fabric chair. While wiping off water from a leatherette chair is simple enough, the same cannot be done with the Swift X Pro Air Threads.

Odour is also another factor that could affect the condition of your chair. We recommend spraying the chair down with a deodoriser once a week. However, we have been testing the chair for more than a week, and we didn't encounter any unpleasant smells.

Lastly, stubborn stains must be scrubbed out with a mild detergent. Thankfully, we opted for the Dusk version, which is black and does an excellent job of concealing stains.

All in all, the TTRacing Swift X Pro is a solid gaming chair with enhanced comfort

If you're in search of a comfortable chair ideal for extended work or gaming sessions, we wholeheartedly recommend the TTRacing Swift X Pro. The choice between the fabric and leatherette versions ultimately depends on your personal preferences.

In essence, you can't go wrong with either version of the Swift X Pro gaming chair.

The TTRacing Swift X Pro starts at RM769 and you can get your chair from the official TTRacing online store here.

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