3 Types Of Staff You'll Meet At Malaysia's First Apple Store

The Specialist, Creative Pro, and Genius all have different functions but one goal — to help you.

Cover image via Apple

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Apple is set to make its mark in Malaysia with the grand opening of its first store at The Exchange TRX in Kuala Lumpur on 22 June

Image via Apple Malaysia

The store promises a comprehensive Apple experience where you can explore, learn, and shop in a state-of-the-art facility that's also Instagram-worthy.

We had the opportunity to experience the store ahead of its official opening and learned that the store will feature three types of Apple employees who are also called Apple team members.

Welcoming, friendly, and highly knowledgeable, there are three types of Apple team members you'll meet.

1. The Specialist

Apple Specialists are not only friendly but also highly curious.

Image via Apple Malaysia

The Specialist will be the first Apple team member who will greet you as you enter the Apple Store.

They're extremely helpful, knowledgeable about Apple devices, and extremely curious. They're there to help you choose the best Apple product that would solve to your needs and cater to your preferences.

As you browse the first floor of the Apple Store, you'll notice them close by (they're in navy blue t-shirts with the Apple logo on their chests). Feel free to call them over to ask any questions about the devices that are on display.

You also get to enjoy personalised setup and support to get your new devices up and running smoothly.

The Specialists will also help you when switching to iOS. There's also an Apple Trade-In programme that allows customers to trade in their current devices for credit towards a new purchase, making it easier to upgrade to the latest device.

2. The Creative Pro

The Creative Pro is the best person to ask for iPhone photography tips.

Image via Apple Malaysia

The Apple Store at The Exchange TRX Mall features a Forum Space on the floating deck that joins up with the mall.

This space is designed for workshops and sessions for people to learn more about Apple devices.

The Creative Pro is the Apple team member who will be sharing the potential of Apple devices at the Today at Apple sessions.

Today at Apple sessions will feature tips, pop-up studios, get-started sessions, and more. The Creative Pro can be found on this floor and they'll help you expand your skill in art, photography, videography, and coding via workshops.

In fact, in conjunction with the launch of Malaysia's first Apple store, over 20 Today at Apple sessions have been planned from 20 June to 6 July.

3. The Genius

The Genius knows everything and anything to help fix your Apple devices.

Image via Apple Malaysia

The Genius can be found at the Genius Bar, and with their years of experience in handling and fixing Apple devices, they're your go-to for any tech-related issues with your Apple devices.

You can also make reservations at the Genius Bar for hands-on technical and hardware support alongside assistance from the Geniuses available.

The Genius Bar is located at the tables at the back of the Forum Space.

The Apple Store at the The Exchange TRX will open its doors to Malaysians on 22 June at 10am

The store is accessible through The Exchange TRX mall or via a rooftop park above.

Image via Apple Malaysia

Apart from Today at Apple sessions, students and teachers also get to enjoy discounts on a Mac or iPad with Apple Education Pricing available exclusively at the Apple store in The Exchange TRX.

There's also an offer for university students, who stand to get AirPods when they buy a Mac, or an Apple Pencil when purchasing an iPad.

There's also a dedicated Apple Pickup counter where you get to pick up your online Apple purchases.

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