Unifi Slashes Prices For Its Internet Packages And Gives Existing Customers A Free Upgrade

Customers on the 30Mbps plan will get upgraded to 100Mbps, while those on the 100Mbps plan will enjoy an impressive boost to 300Mbps.

Cover image via Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels & TM

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TM has announced a major update regarding its internet service, Unifi

The service provider is introducing new packages at significantly reduced prices. Additionally, they have introduced separate 1Gbps and 2Gbps plans, along with a brand-new Unifi Fibre + Mobile option.

For consumers, the updated Unifi packages now start at 100Mbps for RM99 per month, followed by 300Mbps at RM139 per month, 500Mbps at RM159 per month, 1Gbps at RM289 per month, and 2Gbps at RM319 per month. It's important to mention that the last two options are now available as standalone plans and no longer require customers to subscribe to TM's Unifi TV plans.

To celebrate the new pricing, TM is offering the 100Mbps Unifi plan at a discounted rate of only RM89 per month for a limited period. Here's a closer look at all the packages below:

Image via TM
Image via TM

It's important to highlight that, following this massive update, Unifi's 30Mbps and 800Mbps packages have been discontinued. However, Unifi will continue offering the affordable Rahmah Unifi 30Mbps Package at RM69 per month to those who need it most, namely the B40 community, individuals with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.

Enterprise customers are not left out, and can look forward to an array of Internet options

Image via TM

With this latest offering, clients can enjoy blazing-fast 100Mbps speeds for a mere RM129 per month. Furthermore, there are additional choices such as 300Mbps for a competitive RM249 per month, 500Mbps available at RM299 per month, 1Gbps at a reasonable RM319 per month, and for those seeking the pinnacle of speed, a remarkable 2Gbps plan priced at RM369 per month.

Notably, each of these packages includes the added benefits of a complimentary voice plan and premium support.

That's not all! Existing customers will have a bump in Internet speed at no extra cost.

In a show of appreciation for existing customers' loyalty, TM has announced plans to offer a complimentary speed upgrade across all of its current fibre plans.

As a token of gratitude, customers currently subscribed to the 30Mbps package will witness a significant enhancement to 100Mbps, while those on the 100Mbps plan will enjoy an impressive boost to 300Mbps. This generous initiative extends across the board, ensuring that all existing subscribers receive enhanced connectivity, further enriching their experience with TM's services.

This massive update will come into effect withing the next three months

Customers will be informed when the respective upgrades are implemented.

TM also notes that existing customers have the option to switch to a different speed plan if they want to, as long as they have fulfilled the requirements of their current contract period.

Aside from these exciting news, TM is also introducing a new package

Image via TM

TM is launching the Unifi Fibre + Mobile package that brings you a fantastic combination of perks. For just RM149 per month, you'll enjoy a lightning-fast 100Mbps fibre line, an unlimited 4G + 5G Unifi mobile data plan, and a complimentary 5G smartphone. It's a terrific deal that offers both speed and connectivity.

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