[VIDEO] Are You A Coffee Lover? This Alarm Clock Is All You'll Ever Need

This coffee-powered alarm clock is designed to have you pour a cup of coffee in order to turn the alarm off.

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In a bid to revive the Nescafé brand, Nescafé worked together with a creative studio to develop a 3D printed coffee-alarm clock

Nescafe has developed a coffee-alarm clock

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Instant coffee brand Nescafé has created an Alarm Cap that is designed to encourage people to get up from bed and immediately pour a cup of coffee to turn off the alarm.

Are you the kind of person who hits the snooze button ten times in the morning before eventually dragging yourself out of bed? Nescafe's new alarm clock could be just the thing you need.

The alarm clock can only be switched off once the cap is removed, thus encouraging users to start the day with coffee

The alarm will only stop once the coffee lid is removed

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Instant coffee brand Nescafé has created an Alarm Cap that is designed to encourage people to get up from bed and immediately pour a cup of coffee to turn off the alarm. The alarm only shuts off when the lid is twisted and removed from the container – a move that should prompt the newly-woken up person to scoop up some of that coffee into a cup.

And there's no flailing an arm out from under the covers in the hopes of hitting a snooze button: The alarm can only be turned off when the lid of the jar is untwisted and removed -- prompting, of course, the first coffee of the morning.

The coffee brand has commissioned creative studio NOTLabs to create an alarm clock from its jars of instant granules. The catch? The alarm only switches off when the lid is opened ― releasing the scent of rich joe.

The alarm clock is 3D printed and runs on custom-built Arduino technology

The Nescafé Alarm Cap runs on a custom-built Arduino platform and is entirely 3D-printed and assembled in California. The coffee jar lid has an LED interface on its underside and comes with seven different alarm tones that are synchronized with small pulsing lights.

The 3D-printed electronic caps come in two variations – faceted and accented – each featuring laser-etched patterns.

Created by NotLabs -- the creative division of NotCot - in collaboration with Publicis Mexico, the special lid is 3D printed inside and out -- the outside in two designs by Shapeways, and the inside by NotLabs on its Makerbot printers -- and runs on Arduino.

The underside of the alarm cap also features a OLED display where users can set their alarm

Users can set their alarm with the OLED display and it comes together with a USB port to connect to the computer

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The underside of the lid features a small electronic display showing the time and the status of the alarm. A USB port at the back of the lid allows the alarm clock to be plugged in and charged.

On the underside of the lid is an OLED screen and a joystick so that users can program the alarm.

And features several alarm tones a user can choose from

Users can choose 7 different alarm tones which are carefully chosen to help ease the user to wake up

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"The Nescafé Alarm Cap" uses a combination of light and seven different sound tones – including birdsong – to gently awaken users as naturally as possible.

At the specified time, it will wake up the user with one of seven gentle sounds, such as bird chirps, together with light patterns that the company claims are "scientifically proven" to be stimulating.

The tones were specially designed to gently wake and stimulate the mind and would only turn off when the lid is twisted open.

When the alarm goes off, the cap plays one of seven sounds and pulses with a glow like a beacon of wakefulness.

The 3D printed alarm clock is limited edition, with only 200 units being produced in the whole world

A limited run of just 200 jars to be sold around the world will feature a snazzy, new 3D-printed lid -- with an alarm clock inside

Two hundred of the limited edition multifunctional caps have been produced and are currently being tested throughout the world.

With its limited-edition cap, the 84-year-old company taps into today’s maker ethos and the innovative potential of 3D printing in the hopes of inspiring a younger generation to open a jar of instant.

Right now there are only 200 Nescafé Alarm Caps available, all of which were created and assembled in-house by NOTLabs.

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