[VIDEO] Language Barriers Will Be A Thing Of The Past With This New Skype Feature

Language problems will possibly be solved with this new product from Microsoft

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Microsoft will be releasing a new feature for Skype that allows callers to get translations in near real-time

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Microsoft will demonstrate onstage at the inaugural Code Conference on Tuesday a version of Skype that will accomplish much of the same real-time language translation, without a new device.

Microsoft just demoed an awesome new feature for Skype that will actually let you speak to people in other language in real-time by doing all the translating dirty work for you.

The product called Skype Translator, translates languages to your native language and was recently demonstrated in a conference

The product was demonstrated in a conference by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Skype chief Gurdeep Singh Pall

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The feature, dubbed Skype Translator, was demonstrated Tuesday by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during an onstage interview at the Recode Code Conference in Palos Verdes, Calif. During the demonstration, Nadella conducted a conversation with Skype chief Gurdeep Singh Pall, who was speaking German, while Skype provided real-time translation of the German into English and vice versa.

The translation is not immediate, as users will have to wait for the other person to finish the sentence before getting the translation and vice versa

The translation is not immediate as users will have to wait for awhile before the translator can translate

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It's not an immediate translation: You'll need to wait until the other person is done speaking before the service starts whirring away.

Microsoft exec Gurdeep Pall acknowledges in a post that the technology is still in its “early days,” and German-speaking attendees at the conference reportedly gave mixed reviews to the automated translation after an on-stage demo.

When in use, the new feature displays a translation of the other person's words at the bottom of your screen. It's not quite instant (you'll have to wait until the other person finishes before you can see what they're saying), but it's an impressive start nonetheless. And the more people use the new feature, the better it hopes to get at providing accurate, near-instant translations.

The product will currently work on Windows but Microsoft will be pushing the product to work across multiple platforms in the near future

Microsoft is planning to start with just a handful of language and here's the catch, it will only work on computers running Windows. Although, support for other languages and other computers will obviously come eventually. As for the initial beta round, you should see it hitting PCs sometime later this year.

Microsoft will start with a handful of languages and will only be available for the Windows version of Skype, though Microsoft hopes to add more languages quickly, as well as support for the many types of computers and mobile devices that Skype customers use.

Watch how this product can possibly revolutionise how we communicate HERE:

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