[VIDEO] Singaporean 'Drives' To Penang Using Tesla's Autopilot Feature

We hope they had some curry puffs in the car while being piloted to Penang.

Cover image via @sgpikarchu (TikTok)

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While electric vehicles (EVs) are slowly gaining popularity in Malaysia, autonomous driving vehicles are almost unheard of in the country

Image via GIPHY

However, with the opening of international borders on 1 April, Malaysia has begun welcoming thousands of vehicles from Singapore and Thailand.

Among them are Tesla cars.

Last week, TikTok user @sgpikarchu — an account dedicated to posting their experience of owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 — shared how they 'drove' from Singapore to Penang using its autopilot feature.

"Crossed the custom within 45 minutes at midnight," said @sgpikarchu, adding, "Drove past KL, continuing up north! Go, Tesla."

The Tesla owner flashes their passports to the camera while crossing the border, before showing them sitting with their hands on armrests while the sedan drives itself on the highway.

The video has gone viral with over 60,000 likes and 800,000 views.

Even when the road is winding, @sgpikarchu's hands are still not on the wheel.

"Autopilot is so shiok here!" they said.

"Tesla owners, start planning your journey."

In their follow-up videos, they shared every charging station they stopped by along the way.

Some stations took them slightly over an hour to fully recharge the EV, while other stations took about half an hour.

Of the three charging stations they showed in a TikTok, one charged them RM42 for a 35-minute recharging session.

After travelling 700km without a single drop of fuel, @sgpikarchu arrived in Penang over the weekend

Following that, they headed north again and arrived in Langkawi in a ferry.

During the 1.5-hour ferry ride, they watched a movie on the car's iPad-like display.

Watch @sgpikarchu 'drive' from Singapore to Penang here:

@sgpikarchu Crossed the custom within 45 minutes at midnight. Drove past KL, continuing up north! Go Tesla #SgTeslaGoesMsia #EVboleh Vacation - Dirty Heads

@sgpikarchu gave their consent to allow SAYS to use their videos in this story.

On 1 April, Malaysia opened its borders as the country transitions to the 'endemic' phase:

Meanwhile, did you know that foreign vehicles are actually not allowed to pump heavily subsidised RON95 in Malaysia?

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