[VIDEO] Two Japanese Women Test LTE Speed With Deep Fried Shrimp

This could possibly give instant noodles a run for their money.

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Fried shrimp or "ebi furai" (エビフライ) is a popular dish in Japan. So to drive home the point that their LTE speed is the fastest, Japanese telco DoCoMo made an ad using shrimp. Yes, you read that right.

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In this bizarre ad that is worthy of the "Only In Japan" title, the ad starts off with two Japanese women wearing heavy-duty goggles

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With a launch of a button, the ladies sent shrimps flying in their "shrimp cannon" through different processes to make instant fried shrimp. Yum.

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The housewives then proceeded to enjoy the delicacy with one woman saying to the other "It tastes good, right?" We sure hope so!

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But enough of explaining, because you can't really explain this weird ad. Watch it instantly here:

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