This Singaporean ISP Company Will Offer 1Gbps Fibre Internet In Malaysia By End Of 2016

Currently, ViewQwest owns about 100km of underground fibre optic cables in key business districts in Kuala Lumpur.

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ViewQwest, a Singapore-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), has entered into the Malaysian market in a joint-venture with Televenture, a Malaysian telecoms engineering services company

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While the company has been offering speeds peaking at 2Gbps in Singapore since last two years, it has announced that starting with businesses, home users in Malaysia will get 1Gbps by end 2016

Together with the help of its joint venture partner Televenture, ViewQwest has been installing the underground cables since the beginning of this year in Kuala Lumpur.

Currently, it owns about 100km of underground fibre optic cables in key business districts in Kuala Lumpur: the Golden Triangle, Bangsar South, and Cyberjaya.

While there are currently no consumer-level Internet plans available, corporate plans are already available in selected commercial buildings in Bangsar South. And by the end of 2016, ViewQwest will also launch its 1Gbps fibre broadband service for homes in select residential areas in the vicinity of the three business districts mentioned above.

Once it happens, this will make ViewQwest's offering the fastest residential broadband Internet service in Malaysia, which currently tops out at 500Mbps.

ViewQwest's CEO, Vignesa Moorthy, while speaking with The Straits Times, said he wants to cut down the cost of connectivity in Malaysia, which is quite high here as compared to other countries

"We see that as a business opportunity," Mr. Moorthy said, adding that ViewQwest will price its 1Gbps fibre broadband plans and VPN services for home users in Malaysia "competitively". It also has plans to expand services to Penang or Johor by 2017.

It would be interesting to see how ViewQwest, whose 1Gbps plan in Singapore starts from RM150, prices the same for Malaysians, who are currently paying RM399 per month for TM's 100Mbps speed

CEO Mr. Moorthy.

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Last year in October, another Singapore ISP called MyRepublic had announced plans to enter Malaysia by offering 100Mbps for just RM60 a month. However, their plan is dependent on Malaysian regulators creating an environment conducive to their model:

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