U Mobile Users Can Now Watch All The Netflix They Want For Free

Marathon time whooo!

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Don't even try to pretend like you don't relate to this:

And then there's that moment of absolute horror the next morning when you realize that you forgot to enable Wi-Fi mode so all that streaming totally KO-ed your data quota NOOOOOOOOOO! T____T

But those days are soon to be far behind us thanks to U Mobile and their Video Onz service

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With Video Onz, users will receive FREE unlimited 24/7 video streaming from all of their partner sites. And guess who the latest addition to that list of partners is? NETFLIX! :D

So from now on, you can watch as many episodes of 'Stranger Things', 'Marco Polo' and "Narcos' as you want without worrying about using up your monthly data quota awwww yeah! Plus, if you don't already have a Netflix account, you can enjoy a one month free trial. Just think of how much you could watch in that time...

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There is a condition however. You only get unlimited Video Onz streaming if you're on one of the following U Mobile plans: Hero P98, i130, Ultimate Device Plan 130 and MB 128.

But don't worry because all other U Mobile postpaid, prepaid and broadband customers will get an extra free data quota for video streaming as part of Video Onz.

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Oh and Netflix isn't the only thing you can stream for free with Video Onz BTW

With the latest additions of Netflix, Facebook and Twitter to their existing list of partners, U Mobile now has an astounding number of 21 partner sites. And that's in only 4 months since Video Onz's launch. These include YouTube, iflix, crunchyroll, and Astro on the Go. Fuyoh that's seriously a lot, time to watch all of the shows!

Thanks for understanding our needs and fueling all our marathon watching sessions U Mobile!

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For more information on Video Onz and how you can get it, click here.

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