10 Ways To Destroy Your Phone And Never Look Back

It's time to put and end to your misery.

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Remember when you bought your first phone? It was a little something like this:

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Yeah, there were some hiccups here and there, but which relationship doesn't? Relationships with technology require much tolerance and compromise.

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But then the things get stale, the shine wears off (literally), and you realise that it may be time for a change. It’s been almost two years.

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YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT. It's time to go out with a bang! Here are 10 clean-cut ways to end your relationship with your phone once and for all...

1. Slice it with a samurai sword

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2. Dip it into liquid nitrogen

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You've never been this cool to destroy a phone.

3. Stick it under your car tyre and run it over and over again

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Sheer wrecking pleasure.

4. Or you can just cleave your way through it

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5. Hang it on a string and whack it like a piñata

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6. Drop weights on it, lots of weights...

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7. Light it up, light it up!

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8. Give it to the cats. CAT-astrophe!

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9. "Drive" away bad memories of your phone

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10. One ice blended phone smoothie anyone?

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Now that you've cut ties and are moving on with no regret, you're ready for a new phone. Find out more about the new Samsung Galaxy Note5, and it’s a whole new relationship again.

Until the Galaxy Note6 comes along of course ;)