webe Will Soon Be Rebranded As UniFi. Here's What You Need To Know

The webe name is coming to an end.

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After operating as a telco for almost two years, TM-owned webe will be going through a rebranding exercise on 16 September

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The telco made the announcement yesterday, saying that TM has chosen to integrate it into its UniFi platform.

webe was set up by TM to compete with other telcos like Maxis and Celcom by offering unlimited data services for a minimum price.

In April, TM said it's pushing hard to expand webe's 4G network and it had even enlisted Celcom's help to provide domestic roaming network coverage to areas which are outside of webe's coverage.

webe subscribers will soon see the usual carrier name on their phones disappear, to be replaced by the UniFi brand

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This means the Service Provider Name (SPN) that's found on the top left/right corner of your mobile phone will change from webe to UniFi.

You're not required to change your SIM card.

As to why it's necessary for the change in branding, webe said the move is to "further strengthen its aspiration to offer you a converged offering."

Is webe shutting down?

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The telco insists that it is not being shut down by TM. In fact, business will carry on as usual, current plans and services will remain unchanged.

So... am I automatically subscribed to UniFi?

No, webe will continue to only offer mobile connectivity services.

webe subscribers who are currently travelling outside of Malaysia are required to update the APN settings inside their phone for roaming

APN stands for Access Point Name. It's a setting on mobile phones that the carrier uses to set up a connection gateway between the carrier's network and the Internet.

You will need to go to the settings on your phone and manually change the APN name from webe to UniFi. More details on how to do that here.

To sum it all up, existing webe customer won't be experiencing any major changes for now

For more details on this, head on over to webe's official website.

Do you think webe made the right choice to rebrand its mobile services to UniFi? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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