The New WhatsApp Update Is Making It Impossible To Ignore Annoying Group Chats

This means you may be getting many more notifications than you planned from the app. Great.

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Anyone who has been included in group chats - especially the spammy ones - knows how annoying they can be. Chances are you end up muting to prevent yourself from going crazy.

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Smashing your device into smithereens works too.

Well, those days are over because WhatsApp has quietly added a new feature that now allows users to tag people in group chats so they receive a notification

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The app will now let users in the same group chat 'tag' each other, and the person tagged will now get a notification even if they have muted the conversation.

Like Twitter and Instagram, you need to add the "@" symbol to tag someone

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While the change might come as difficult and annoying to some, there will be times that it'll come in handy, especially since WhatsApp has expanded group sizes from 100 to 256 participants. You can tag multiple users too!

The only way to turn off the tagging feature is to leave the group chat or to disable notifications entirely from WhatsApp

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But that could be annoying for the people users are chatting one-on-one with, as messages from them could be missed.

The new feature is available on Android and iOS versions of the app, but you won't be able to use it on desktop yet

WhatsApp previously added a feature that allowed you to quote messages in group chats to make it clear what you’re responding to.

The popular messaging app made some serious changes few months ago, stating that it would share personal information of users to its parent company, Facebook

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