[SHARE] The 25 WORST Passwords Of 2013

Security firm Splashdata released their annual list of most common stolen passwords! Guess which sits at number one?

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The 25 Worst Passwords Of 2013 List Is Out! Is Your Password On It?

SplashData, which makes password management applications, has released its 2013 list of the 25 worst passwords based on files containing millions of stolen passwords posted online in the last year.

'123456' Is THE Worst Password Of 2013

“Seeing passwords like ‘adobe123′ and ‘photoshop’ on this list offers a good reminder not to base your password on the name of the website or application you are accessing,” Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData, said in a statement.

Worst Passwords Of 2013, by Splash Data

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Melalui data yang dikumpulkan oleh SplashData sepanjang tahun 2013 yang lepas, kata laluan mudah yang digunakan ramai adalah “123456″. Pada tempat kedua adalah “password” dimana sebelumnya pada tahun 2012 lebih ramai menggunakan kata laluan tersebut berbanding “123456″.

See The Complete List Of Worst Passwords Of 2013 And Their Changes In Ranking From 2012

Worst Passwords Of 2013

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Did You Know? Longer Passwords Take More Time To Crack

Password Hacking Times

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"It’s recommended that your password should be more than 12 characters (16+ preferably) to lessen the chances of it being cracked."

According To Splashtop, Replacing Letters With Similar-Looking Numbers (Such As '3' Instead Of 'E') Is NOT An Effective Strategy

Instead, consider using phrases of random words separated by spaces or underscores, and using different passwords, at least for your most sensitive accounts.

Replacing letters with similar-looking numbers (such as '3' instead of 'E') is not effective.

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"It's Best To Use Random Words Rather Than Common Phrases"

One way to create more secure passwords that are easy to recall is to use passphrases — short words with spaces or other characters separating them. It’s best to use random words rather than common phrases. For example, “cakes years birthday” or “smiles_light_skip?”

"Use Different Passwords For Each New Website Or Service You Sign Up For"

Avoid using the same username/password combination for multiple websites. Especially risky is using the same password for entertainment sites that you do for online email, social networking, or financial service sites.

Safety rules for passwords.

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Check Your Password's Strength If You're Still Feeling Unsure

How Secure Is My Password

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"There are a number of sites which lets you do this, but one of the best is The title is rather self-explanatory and it will tell you just how long it will take for a desktop PC to crack your password."

The Worst Passwords Of 2012 List Showed That 3 Worst Passwords ('password', '123456' and '123345678') Hadn't Changed Since 2011

Worst Passwords Of 2012.

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Don't Know How To Create A Strong Password? Get Help From Password Management Programs

LASTPASS is a robust password manager that supports multiple operating systems and browsers. It saves and fills your logins for easier, safer browsing.


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KEEPASS is an open source password manager. Passwords can be stored in highly-encrypted databases, which can be unlocked with one master password or key file.

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