Xiaomi's New EV Shows How Fast It Can Go As It Escapes Influencer

The new SU7 shows fans what it is capable of.

Cover image via CarNewsChina

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Xiaomi's new electric vehicle (EV) was recently caught on video demonstrating just how fast it can go

Image via CarNewsChina

Xiaomi's recently leaked EV, the SU7, was spotted in heavy camouflage on a highway in China. 

Despite being in heavy camouflage, the photographer managed to capture some spy shots

The influencer 摄影怎么学 (How To Learn Photography) attempted to closely follow the Xiaomi EV to capture spy shots of the unreleased car and managed to capture the SU7's active aero feature.

When the SU7's test driver realised they were being followed, they switched lanes and accelerated, leaving the influencer in the dust.

While escaping the influencer, the SU7 was going at an approximate speed of over 200km/h

Image via CarNewsChina

While the influencer's car reached speeds exceeding 150km/h at one point in the video, it is highly possible that the SU7 reached speeds beyond 200km/h.

As previously stated, the SU7 comes in two variants: the RWD and the AWD

Image via CarNewsChina

The all-wheel drive (AWD) variant boasts a maximum power of 495kW (220kW + 275kW), which is approximately 663bhp. To put it into context, that's as much power as a previous-generation F1 car or a Ferrari 488 GTB.

The rear-wheel drive (RWD) variant comes specced with a smaller, 220kW motor.

It's assumed that the SU7 seen in the video is the AWD variant.

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