You Can Now Edit Your Erroneous Captions Thanks To Instagram's Latest Update

Now you have no excuse for spelling your words wrong.

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Instagram has announced some new features in its latest update today. You can now edit your captions, saving you the embarrassment of making typos.

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Mistake-makers, rejoice. After years of choosing between deleting an entire photo and report it or living with the typos and ill-conceived jokes of the original, Instagram has decided to allow us to edit our captions after they've been published.

Ever gotten in a situation where you noticed a typo in your Instagram caption and you couldn’t do anything about it? With the latest update for Instagram, it is now possible to rectify as they have added an “edit” feature under the image’s menu button. The caption change is immediate and there’s no log history like Facebook’s edit feature. So now you can save yourself from embarrassment when you accidentally post macaron as macaroon.

Instagram is pushing an update to its Android and iOS apps today, one which introduces one of the image-sharing service’s most requested features of all time – caption editing.

This means you can even add more hashtags in your caption, compared to the current method of adding a hashtag as a comment

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In addition to that, Instagram users can also follow other Instagrammers recommended by the app under the "Explore" section

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The Facebook-owned subsidiary also debuted a new discovery feature recommending accounts for users to follow under the Explore tab.

Instagram has also improved its Explore feature, which helps you find people that you want to follow. The Explore icon is now a magnifying glass. When you open Explore, you will see a pair of tabs, Photos and People. The former remains the same as it has always been, a grid that scrolls revealing pictures and video. What has changed is the People tab, which now recommends other people whose Instagram account you might find interesting to track. The more engaged you stay with people you follow on Instagram, the longer you stay on the app. The longer you stay on the app, the more ads you view. And the more ads you view, the more money that goes into Facebook's vault.

In this update, we’re continuing to improve the Explore page on Instagram by making it faster to find people you want to follow. With this in mind, you’ll see that the Explore icon at the bottom of your screen has changed to a magnifying glass. When you open Explore, you’ll now see two tabs: Photos and People. The Photos tab has not changed. It contains the same scrolling grid of photos and videos you already know. The new People tab highlights interesting accounts for you to discover.

If you haven't received your update yet, you can do so if you're an iPhone user on the Apple store or an Android user on the Google Play store

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