You Can Now Tweet GIFs!

Brace yourselves, GIFs have arrived on Twitter!

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Animated Gifs Can Now Be Shared And Viewed On Twitter's iPhone, Android And Web Versions

Animated GIFs can now be shared and viewed on Twitter.

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Twitter gave its users a GIFt on Wednesday, 18 June 2014. The company announced that GIFs, the animated images on continuous loop, can now be shared and viewed on Twitter's iPhone, Android and web versions.

Previously, GIFs were shown inline only on third-party applications for Twitter, such as TweetDeck. Coincidentally, that functionality seems to be temporarily down at the moment. Poor TweetDeck; it’s had a rough couple of weeks.

GIFs Will Now Appear In Your Timeline With A Play Button, Like Other Video Content

GIFs are now available on Twitter.

Image via SAYS Screengrabs

Twitter users can't share video on Twitter unless it's shared through Vine, so GIFs are the first video-type content available to regular users (non-advertisers). Users could previously share GIFs to the service through Twitpic, but the new GIF support feature seems to have eliminated Twitpic's full functionality with

Platforms Like TweetDeck, Twitter's Official Mac App And Windows Phone Client Still Won't Be Able To See Animated GIFs In Their Feed As Of Yet

Of course, there are still platforms that won’t be able to see animated GIFs in their feed. TweetDeck, Twitter’s official Mac app and Windows Phone client have all been left out in the cold at the moment. Still, this is a good start and we suspect those missing platforms will be added over time.

Pinterest Rolled Out GIF Support In January 2014 And While It Was Widely Reported That Facebook Too Added GIF Support, It Was Later Determined That The Files Were Actually Converted Flash Files

In August, it was widely reported that Facebook added GIF support before it was determined that the files were actually converted Flash files.

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