AirAsia Launches Facial Recognition System For Faster Check-In At Self-Boarding Gates

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Low-cost carrier AirAsia is now the first airline in Malaysia to expedite the check-in process through facial recognition

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Calling it "Fast Airport Clearance Experience System (FACES)", the tech is currently available for passengers boarding AirAsia flights at the Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru

"Airports are typically the worst part of flying. FACES marks our latest effort to make the on-ground experience more seamless and less stressful by using cutting edge biometric technology to authenticate guests.

With FACES your face is your passport, making it a breeze to clear the gate and board your flight. We hope the success of FACES here will serve as an inspiration and we are keen to work with other airports in Malaysia to revolutionise the way people travel with this technology and make flying enjoyable again," AirAsia group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said at the launch today.

Passengers can enrol for the tech at kiosks located at the check-in area in the airport

Image via AirAsia

Those who wish to be part of FACES may do so using a dedicated enrolment kiosk located at check-in kiosk area at Senai International Airport. You simply have to place your MyKad or chip-enabled passport in the document reader and look at the camera to create their biometric token.

Available for passengers aged 18 and above, the enrolment is a one-time process, after which you may use AirAsia’s biometric gates for all flights as long as your identity document remains valid. Upon expiry of the identity document, you will need to update the enrolment record with a new valid document. 

Kudos to AirAsia for another milestone! #achievementunlocked

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