[VIDEO] Can You Spot The Bank Scams?

"You're only saying it's legit because they wanna give you money right?"

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These days, it's pretty common to see a lot of Malaysians falling for scams...

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We normally hear or read about an innocent aunty who got scammed out of her entire life savings... or a naive youngster who panicked and fell for scammers who pressured them into giving out all their banking information. But what if it happened to you? Would you be able to spot a scam?

We decided to do a little experiment to see if regular Malaysians (aka our colleagues) can spot scams or not...

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Scarily enough, some of them ended up falling for them!

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Can you spot the scam? Watch the full video here:

It’s easy to believe you’d be smart enough to evade scams… UNTIL it actually happens to us!

As scammers find new ways to cheat users, it is important to update yourself with the different tactics used. Remember guys, if anything smells fishy, just call your bank or go to the nearest branch!

Want to learn more about how you can protect yourself from banking scams? Visit the CIMB Security and Fraud website here

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