[VIDEO] These Malaysian Homeowners Tell Us Their Secret To Buying A House

It's actually possible guys!

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  • Have you always dreamed of owning a home?

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    • Just imagine, you won't have to deal with annoying roommates and you can say bye to sharing a bathroom with anyone else.

  • Just like any other Malaysian, you probably believe that owning a home is difficult and too expensive to afford

  • So, to know more about what actually goes into buying a house, we hunted down a few homeowners to answer some burning questions...

  • They also shed some light on the things they went through when they bought their houses

  • Check out the full video to see other bits of wisdom they've shared

  • Planning to get a home soon? Then check out Skim Pembiayaan Fleksibel (SPEF) for PR1MA home buyers that makes it easier for first time home buyers to own a home

    • Through the scheme, you'll enjoy higher loan eligibility and a fixed payment for the first five years of the loan. With SPEF, you can pay monthly instalments as low as RM880 per month or RM30 a day (subject to terms and conditions and eligibility).
      The scheme comes in two options – step-up only or step-up with EPF Account 2 withdrawal. For both options, you'll only pay the loan interest in instalments for the first five years and start paying the principal the sixth year onwards. But, if you want to get a larger loan amount, you can go for the second option with EPF Account 2 withdrawal.

      Applying for this scheme is easy too! Anyone interested can apply through PR1MA’s partner banks – Maybank, CIMB, RHB, and AmBank.

      That makes owning a home when you're still young actually a possibility!

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