How To Make A Bacon Bouquet Because Flowers Die, But Bacon Is Forever

Because if there's one way to a person's heart, it's bacon.

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Everyone knows the only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so what better gift to give your dad this Father’s Day than a crispy, delicious bacon bouquet?

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Making it is easier than you think! Watch the how-to video HERE:

What you need:

200g bacon strips
Oven rack
Oven pan
Artificial flowers


1. Roll up the bacon strips, 'meaty' side up and 'fatty' side down.
2. Secure the roll with toothpicks (make sure to create a little stand so the rolls won't fall off the oven rack).
3. Lay the rolls on the oven rack, and the oven pan below the rack for the excess bacon oil.
4. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 220°C (or until desired colour).
5. While the rolls are baking in the oven, prepare your bouquet.
6. Remove on the flowers off the artificial flowers, leaving the stem and the leaves.
7. Once the bacon is done, let it cool and remove the toothpicks.
8. Place the bacon roses on the stems(make sure the stems are clean).
9. Display it tastefully, presentation is everything!

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