[VIDEO] Will Watermelon Seeds Grow In Your Tummy? Here's What Cassy Has To Say

You don't think it'll grow, right?

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Remember how our parents used to tell us that watermelon seeds will grow in your tummy if you eat them?

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Well, that's just not true. And little Cassy is here to explain why:

While most of us already know that it won't happen, some poor kids are probably still 'haunted' by it

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Yup, like what Cassy said, the seed will just be flushed out of your digestive system.

Your tummy is also not the best place for it to grow

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It can't grow without sunlight and nutrients from the ground. The acid present in your tummy also doesn't make it a hospitable place to grow.

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That's all from Cassy today! Now, on a serious note...

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