[VIDEO] This Young Man Went On A Journey To Rediscover Malaysia. Here's What He Learned

Malaysia is beautiful.

  • Pretty sure we've all done some form of cuti-cuti Malaysia around the country before

    • Most of us would definitely have visited the historical monuments in Melaka, or stayed in one of the many beautiful beach resorts around the country. We're also familiar with all the attractions that our hometowns have to offer. 

  • But have you ever thought of exploring the lesser known sights of Malaysia?

  • That was what motivated Meel, a young Malaysian, to go on a journey of rediscovery

    • Meel is a filmmaker and part-time coach who decided to travel around the country to see the other side of Malaysia. He would film his journey, and published each of it under a vlog series titled 'MeelAsia'. 

  • He went on a road trip with some friends to find the best durians in Malaysia

    • Spend A Day The Malaysian Way

      What a way to spend a day, Malaysia style! Durian with friends, and discovering nature. Time to plan a mini roadtrip!

      Posted by SAYS on Thursday, 26 April 2018
    • Because we love durians so much, we'd travel just for them. 

  • And explored the amazing Sapi Island in Sabah, too

    • Sabah And Its Wonders

      How beautiful is Pulau Sapi in Sabah?

      Posted by SAYS on Wednesday, 2 May 2018
    • Another great place for some vitamin sea! 

  • Check out the full 'MeelAsia' vlog series on YouTube for more breathtaking, fun, and adventurous trips around Malaysia

  • Watch our travel videos here:

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