[VIDEO] We Ask Malaysians About Their 2017 Goals And Got One To Finally Face Her Fears

"OMG, it felt like I died!"

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Most of us make resolutions or set goals for ourselves at the start of every new year, but how many of us actually stick to them?

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From "no time lah" to "I'm scared", there's just way too many excuses that we use to justify why we're not achieving our goals.

So what happens when we force one young Malaysian to stop making excuses, face her fears, and actually fulfill her goal for 2017?

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CIMB wants to help you go forward and get your goals back on track. So they're encouraging you to pledge to do one of the following things: live healthier, learn a new skill, or go on more adventures.

If you do, you stand a chance to win some cool vouchers from Expedia and FAVE that will help you on your journey. There's 100 Expedia vouchers worth RM 50 each and 200 FAVE vouchers worth RM 30 each up for grabs.

Just imagine, you can finally stop postponing that solo travel journey you've always wanted to take or actually get around to learning how to play guitar. Whatever you want, you can do!

Stop holding yourself back and make your pledge today! :D

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