[VIDEO] You'll Confirm Ask These Questions When You're Viewing A Property

"This bed free ah?"

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Whether you're looking to buy a place for own-stay or for investment purposes, there's just so many things to consider!

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Which is why we usually end up hounding the property agent with all kinds of questions.

From basic enquiries about the properties of the place you're looking at...

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Annie: "Is this a gated and guarded property?"
Ben: "How's the management?"
Annie: "Got how many tiers of security ah?"
Ben: "Maintenance cost per square foot how much?" 

... to trying to get as much free stuff as we can #typicalmalaysian

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Annie: "Then, this bed... free ah? Central heater? Air cond? The hood and hob free ah?"

And sometimes, we can even get downright random lol

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Annie: "Are you single?"
Ben and Property Agent: "HUH?!"

Check out the full video below to see what else goes down during a property viewing:

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