[VIDEO] We Had The First Ever Digital Treasure Hunt At MRT Stations. Here's What Happened

30 lucky winners won an Ice-Watch!

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In collaboration with VGI Transit, we came up with the first ever digital treasure hunt at MRT stations. Watch the video below to find out what happened:

First off, we kicked off the treasure hunt with a teaser to get fans excited

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Then, we hosted a Facebook Live in the station and broadcasted it simultaneously on MRT Digital Screens and the SAYS Facebook Page

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It didn't take long before some lucky Malaysians found us

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And psstt... we made them whisper so other commuters wouldn't know what was going on

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Before we knew it, we had already given away 30 Ice-Watches

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Thank you, VGI Transit, for partnering with us to make this super fun giveaway a success!

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Find out more about VGI Transit and what they have to offer on their website today!

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