[VIDEO] Our Instagram Followers Control Our Day So We Can Hit 100,000 Steps In 24 Hours

"I don't wanna die..."

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We were challenged to take on the 100PLUS Aktifkan Malaysiaku: Cabaran 100,000 Langkah.

That meant we had to hit a total of 100,000 steps in only 24 hours!

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Nicky: "Which means we have to complete 100,000 steps in 24 hours.

Gwen: "But we're stepping it up a notch, and instead of using ten people, we're using five!"

To add an extra level of difficulty, we couldn't just do whatever we wanted - it was all up to our Instagram followers :O

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We put up polls on our Instagram account that allowed our followers to vote on everything. From what we should do and eat, to how we get to our destinations... our day was completely within their control!

Did we manage to hit our goal of 100,000 steps? Watch the full video below to find out:

By popular vote, we started off our day with an early morning climb at Bukit Kiara

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Nicky: "We just started the hike."

Gwen: "I'm at 623."

Brenda: "I'm at 414. What the heck?! We're the same! We're walking the same distance! I don't get it!"

Y'all also decided that we should head over to Batu Caves. We died climbing all those stairs but yay for getting in lots of steps!

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Gwen: "We're so far from the ground! Look! Look!"

We even ended up taking a parkour class and omg guys thanks for choosing this, we had so much fun!

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Besides reaching our steps goal, we enjoyed the company, the motivation, the sense of achievement, and most importantly we felt healthier

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There was a lot of sweating involved but we rehydrated and reenergize with 100PLUS to keep us going!

Think you can do better? Take on the 100PLUS Aktifkan Malaysiaku: Cabaran 100,000 Langkah for yourself!

If trying to hit 100,000 steps by yourself sounds like a daunting task, team up with your friends like we did and take on the challenge together! You can have up to 10 people in one team, which means that you'll only have to hit 10,000 steps each.

Record a one-minute video of how you guys managed to reach the 100,000 steps goal (or just yourself if you're doing it solo). Make sure the video includes a shot of a steps tracker that shows your number of steps. You also need to show at least one 100PLUS product.

Post it on Facebook or Instagram by 14 November 2019, and don't forget to set your account to public. Include #100PLUSAktifkanMalaysiaku and #SeratusRibuSehari in your caption. The three most creative videos will win a smartwatch from 100PLUS! Winners will be announced on 20 November 2019.

Join now and let's all strive towards living a healthier, more active life with 100PLUS! Click here for more information.

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