How To Be A Successful Fashion Blogger According To The Pioneers

SAYS PH Exclusive: We asked the bloggers who started the craze nearly a decade ago how they maintained to be the top authorities in Fashion blogging today.

  • Today, bloggers aren't just there to document and write content. They're basically our generation's celebrities and great influencers.

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    • You follow them on Instagram, like their photos and are on your toes about their opinions about something new that you just have to know about.

      They're at the most fun events, mingling and rubbing elbows with not just fellow bloggers but editors, marketing heads and even CEOs of big companies.

  • The perks are insane!

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    • There's a lot of freebies and perks. From having the newest bag in the market before anyone else does to traveling to New York City for Fashion Week, the perks are unbelievable!

      But what we only see is the surface: Their hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, their post processed shots and their after-event press kits.

      Is it really what it seems in the Fashion blogging world?

  • Tricia Gosingtian has been the top Fashion blogger for years

    • Website:Tricia Will Go Places
      206k+ Instagram Followers
      327k+ Facebook likes

    • Her cute and feminine aesthetic is adored by fan girls not just in the Philippines but all over the world! In fact, she was the first Filipino and first person from Asia to ever get into the Top 10 history of the prestigious fashion site

      She was also invited by Tumblr to have breakfast with then-Elle magazine Editor-at-Large, Nina Garcia in New York back in 2011. Tricia went to New York for New York Fashion Week.

  • In 2010, Forever 21 Philippines was launched. Tricia was a fashion ambassador.

    • Lissa Kahayon, David Guison and Patricia Prieto were also amongst the ambassadors of the much hyped phenomenon, Forever 21.

  • Tricia's fellow F21 ambassador David Guison is so much more than the "only male fashion blogger"

    • Website: DG MNL
      174k+ Instagram Followers
      123k+ Facebook likes

    • The ratio of women to men fashion bloggers is quite low a few years ago. But today, male fashion bloggers grew in quantity, most of them were influenced by David's style.

      His stunning layouts on his blog was a dead giveaway of why people love reading it. It's clean and no-fuss. Maybe because he's a professional photographer or maybe an OCD. Whatever it was, we love his layout for sure.

    • His blog was launched in 2009. Back then, David wrote mostly about fashion. But today, he writes quality content for his readers may it be about his travels, his foodtrips or even fitness.

      Since 2009 he has worked with over 200 local and international brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Zara, Topman, H&M as well as Canon and Ford.

  • Lissa Kahayon on the other hand is also known as Scene Stealer to her followers. She's also now known for her incredible fitness posts that we are in extreme envy of!

  • Patricia Prieto doesn't just hold a "cool last name" being the niece of Tessa Prieto-Valdes

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    • Website: It's Paradigma
      100k+ Instagram Followers
      95k+ Facebook likes

    • She's also the occasional fashion stylist and on her way to becoming a multi-hyphenated name. Her experimental aesthetics is what keeps readers coming back. She's hip and cool and every girl wants to be like her.

    • Image from Patricia Prieto Image via Patricia Prieto
    • She tells us the greatest perk of being a blogger is that she gets to meet her readers:

      "The coolest perk I've gotten from blogging would be the many opportunities I've had to meet blog readers. I can say that without them I wouldn't be where I am today. Just to be able to see them at events and stuff is a great perk for me!"

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    • She has also worked with brands such as Ponds and Facial Care Center and tells us "Never in a million years did I think that I'd be the face of a brand or anything of the sort. It's pretty amazing and surreal at the same time if you ask me."

  • Today, there are so many bloggers left and right

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    • These 4 have made a mark and have maintained their status in the blogging world and they don't have any plans on retiring soon.

      So we ask them, What lessons have you learned from your years of blogging?

  • 1. Always be kind

      Tricia with her followers at a Meet & Greet in Davao City

    • "Kindness is key. Never expect anyone to know who you are. Treat everyone with kindness, no matter what your current position is."
      - Tricia Gosingtian

    • Lissa poses for a photo at her meet & greet in Forever 21 Image via

      Lissa poses for a photo at her meet & greet in Forever 21

    • "Be kind to everyone. In this industry, people tend to talk a lot and you'll probably meet a lot of people you don't like but be nice and cordial."
      - Lissa Kahayon

    • David and his followers do the signature "David Guison Pose" Image via David Guison

      David and his followers do the signature "David Guison Pose"

    • "Always put your feet on the ground."
      - David Guison

  • 2. Keep your private life private

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    • "Since I started blogging I learned how to keep my private life and public life separate.

      When I was starting out I was a lot more open and candid with what I would say, do and tweet but now I'm much, MUCH more careful. I hardly talk about where I am, where I go, what I do and who I'm with up until I'm back home."

      - Patricia Prieto

  • 3. Be different while being yourself

      Image from Lissa Kahayon Image via Lissa Kahayon
    • "Be yourself. There are a lot of bloggers out there. Continuously strive to challenge yourself and try to offer something new to your readers without compromising who you really are."
      - Lissa Kahayon

    • Image from David Guison Image via David Guison
    • "This industry can make or break you, but be strong enough to know what you want. Always give your best and don’t settle for mediocrity. There are so many bloggers out there but ask yourself, what can you offer to the industry?"
      - David Guison

  • What is their advice to individuals who would want to start their own blog?

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    • "The life you live is the lesson you teach. If you want to be a person of influence, walk the talk. You can’t please everybody, and you can’t always be in control, but at least you know you’re living an honest and authentic life."
      - Tricia Gosingtian

    • "Quality more than quantity. Always choose to publish your best work (which you can say that you’re really proud of), instead of sharing so many content that are mediocre."
      - David Guison

    • Image from Lissa Kahayon Image via Lissa Kahayon
    • "Don't go into blogging because you want the freebies, the followers, the fame, or event invites. You have to be passionate about what you want to blog or share to your readers. If you're not passionate enough, you'll get burnt out easily.

      Also, success doesn't come overnight. It took me 7 years to get to where I am today. Put in the hard work and always try to give your best."

      - Lissa Kahayon

    • Image from Patricia Prieto Image via Patricia Prieto
    • "If you want to start blogging, know that it comes easy. I started blogging 7 years ago and I must say it only picked up about a couple years back.

      Blogging is defined as "a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web" meaning you don't need to study how to write in order to start a blog. Just have fun doing it, stay passionate and persevere. Learn how to standout from the rest and that'll help get you far in blogging."

      - Patricia Prieto

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