Brad Pitt Really Stole Our Hearts At The Red Carpet Premiere Of 'War Machine'

Aw... look at his little wave. :D

  • Hello from Tokyo! Just a few days ago, we got to walk the red carpet for the Japan premiere of Netflix's 'War Machine', starring the ever so handsome Brad Pitt.

    • By "walk the red carpet", we mean we walked over the red carpet to get to the media area. Hey, that counts too, right? :p

  • There really wasn't much to do besides take photos, so we kinda just creeped on Brad Pitt from afar... and couldn't help melting at some of the adorable little things he did on the red carpet and onstage:

  • 1. The guy spent close to an hour signing autographs, saying "Hi", and even took time to layan his fans' requests. Wish we got to take a selfie with him too... :(

    • "Hello! How are you?"

      Very fine, now that you're here. :)

  • 2. Literally every time he waves to the camera and give a little wink. *melts*

  • 3. When he added flair to 'War Machine' writer and director David Michod's grand entrance onstage

  • 4. The little wave he gives to the fans whenever they scream his name

    • FUN FACT: In Japan, they call Brad Pitt "Blado Pitto". So cute.

  • 5. The man's quite a bit of a joker too, using a mallet (we'll explain in a bit) to, er, scratch his back...? :p

    • For context, Pitt, Michod as well as producers Jeremy Kleiner and Dede Gardner were participating in Kagamiwari, a traditional Japanese ceremony that involves breaking the top of a barrel of sake "to celebrate and call for fortune".

  • 6. How is it possible to look so daddy yet also like an excited child at the same time?!

  • Watch more of our favourite highlights from the red carpet event here:

  • In an earlier press conference, Brad Pitt discusses his bizarre character in 'War Machine' and the reason behind his ridiculous characteristics:

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