What is SAYS

SAYS is a social news network, where you get the gist of all of today's hottest news, chat about stories you care about and share them with friends.

We're on a mission to create a next-generation news network with Malaysian social media users like you.

Can I trust your content?

Yes! SAYS is a place where you get to see different angles of a story, quoted from mainstream and alternative news sources. We spend a lot of our time fact-checking all our sources, stats and quotes, to the point of bringing our readers a weekly story called 'Fact or Fake' that debunks trending stuff shared on the Internet. If you see anything questionable on SAYS, email us and we'll definitely look into it.

What can I do on SAYS?

Get Malaysia's trending stories, every day

  • Get the gist of today's biggest stories with quotes, images and videos from multiple news sources, curated for you. Follow a story to get notified via Facebook / Twitter / Email when there's an update.

Chat about the stories you care about

  • Chat with other Malaysians, live! Never miss out on what the country is talking about. Start chatting now:

Know and build you social reputation

  • Know how influential you are
  • Have you ever wondered how many people click on the news links you share? On SAYS, know how many friends have visited your shared links and grow your influence.
  • Contribute to the news
  • Add your opinions, sources, stories, etc to help others discover new angles they might've missed out. Meet people like you, make new friends.

Who can join SAYS?

Anyone who loves sharing cool stuff with their friends via social media! Join now.

How can I join SAYS?

Go to and click the 'Sign up' button to create a SAYS account. You will be required to activate your account. An activation link will be emailed to your registered e-mail account. Check your e-mail, click on the activation link received and you will be lead back to your SAYS homepage. Congratulations, you are know part of the SAYS community!

How can I chat on SAYS?

Join in the discussion on the news you care about as soon as you're signed in with your SAYS account. If you don't have a SAYS account yet, two seconds is all you need to join now.

How can I report chat abuse on SAYS

As you're reading this, we're working on a 'report spam' feature that will release soon. Meanwhile, if you feel that we need to take action on an abusive user, report to us with details and screenshots of proof to

What is a story?

A SAYS story lets you discover the gist of a new topic, in less time. Scan through excerpts of articles, watch videos, view images, and be exposed to different perspectives and the full context of the news, all in one page.

How do I start a story on SAYS

Sign in or sign up on SAYS and click on 'Start a story' on top right of the page, next to your profile image.

How do I get my story featured on SAYS?

Your story goes directly into the 'All' page along with other user created stories. The best stories will get featured on the frontpage by the SAYS Content Team. If you are addicted to getting your stories featured on SAYS, be part of the SAYS League of Curators where top curators on SAYS news tip each other, gather feedback and talk about other cool things. Drop us an email at

What kind of stories should I post on SAYS

Breaking news, current topics, interesting, funny, and even random stuff that you feel people would absolutely love to share and make viral online. The SAYS Content Team will will feature the best stories from the SAYS community (with any necessary edits done) on our front page every day.

What should I avoid posting on SAYS?

Porn, spam. Posting content such as these may result in the removal of your account. That's something we don't want happening to you.

Can I promote my website in a story?

Do not advertise your website on SAYS. If you are a blogger or the owner of a website, you may contribute excerpts from your blog to relevant stories. Example: If you see a SAYS story on the government's latest transportation initiative, you are welcome to contribute a meaningful excerpt that you've written on your blog about this.

Why have I not gotten my activation e-mail?

The activation e-mail usually takes about 5 minutes to be delivered depending on the traffic. Sometimes the e-mail may end up in your spam or junk folder. However if it is taking too long then do let us know via the "Talk To Us" button on the bottom right of your SAYS Dashboard so we can help you. You must be logged in to view your SAYS Dashboard.

What is a Unique Visit (U.V.)?

A unique visit (U.V.) for members of SAYS Malaysia, is a click on a story link you've shared when logged in on SAYS, that comes from a unique visitor within Malaysia.

Where can I report a bug too?

If you are experiencing techincal problems with the website, whether when you are reading stories or creating stories, shoot us an e-mail at and we will look into it.

I don't want to create a story, but I know of a super cool article that you should have on SAYS!

We love getting news tips!, Facebook us, or Tweet us. If your content is relevant and share-worthy, we'll get down to creating a story about it and featuring it on SAYS!