PM Najib's Gym Pic Is The Motivation You Need To Keep Fit

If Ah Jib Gor can do it, what's your excuse?

  • Earlier today, Malaysians on social media witnessed an unlikely sight, of their Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak inside what appears to be his personal gym, lifting weights

    • Wearing a red-coloured round-neck sports t-shirt, Najib can be seen exercising while lifting what appears to be light-weight dumbbells.

      He posted that photo on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts, saying, "Early this morning at the gym before the start of a busy day. Sharing my warm up pic. "

  • The 'inspirational' photo has attracted thousands of Malaysians and they are sharing it with their fun captions

  • Even workout brands couldn't stop themselves:

  • Looking at the shares and comments, Najib's gym pic is now the latest #workoutgoals for young Malaysians :D

  • After what happened earlier this month, though, we are just glad Najib finally found the time to workout:

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