Guy Who Tells Najib To Cover His "Perot" Didn't Think The PM Would Reply Like This...

The comeback was strong.

Cover image via PM Najib via Twitter

Yesterday, 31 March, Prime Minister Najib Razak was on call with the Malaysian Embassy in North Korea who, along with eight other Malaysians, returned safely back home

Taking to Twitter, PM Najib tweeted a photo of himself talking on the phone, writing: "Chatting with Mohd Azrin, the Malaysian Embassy official in North Korea who arrived with 8 others. Alhamdulillah, all healthy and happy."

His twitter followers liked his Tweet and congratulated him, but this guy decided to be cheeky...

It was a common type of tweet, seeing how people tend to be funny (and mean) around the PM.. until about 20 minutes later when it became a special, rare moment

It may have been the work of his PA, or an admin, but it kind of quenched our curiosity of whether our PM checks his social media comments or not.

So what happened next? Najib tweeted back. Yep! :D

The Prime Minister tweeted back to Shameer Shaari, saying: "no time to workout!"

Najib's comeback was so unexpected (and surprisingly funny) that it resulted in being retweeted over 5.7K times by Malaysians, which was way more than his original tweet which received only 1.3K RTs

And it should go without saying, his comeback tickled quite a number of Malaysians:

And if you thought that was it, you would be wrong

Following Shameer Shari's tweet, another follower by the name Naxi, tweeted:

To which, Najib replied, saying that he likes it too, before thanking the lady.

We do hope PM Najib makes time off his schedule to workout

Did PM Najib's little Twitter banter tickle you too?

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Well, if it did, you can comment below to let us know. :P

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