Erm, Why Is The Ayam Goreng McD Suddenly So Laku?

Nothing will ever come between Malaysians and their love for fried chicken.

Cover image via McDonald's Malaysia

There's no doubt that Ayam Goreng McD has a special place in Malaysians' hearts, but there seems to be a renewed love and appreciation for it lately

Image via HKStrat/SAYS

People have been raving about the Ayam Goreng McD in the last week or so, posting photos and videos on social media, and exclaiming their excitement for McDonald's fried chicken.

This is despite the fact that Ayam Goreng McD has been on the McDonald's menu for 30 years now. It was first introduced in Malaysia in 1987.

Image via Jenzer Mohd Al

The Ayam Goreng McD has been so laku recently that the fried chicken is reportedly sold out in many outlets

Some people have even gone from one outlet to another just to "hunt" for their favourite fried chicken from McDonald's.

That's some dedication right there.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Why the sudden madness? It's all because of this ad!

McDonald's Malaysia recently released a video to promote the "upgraded" Ayam Goreng McD to cater to fans' request and demand for the "perfect fried chicken".

There's no music or dialogue, but you'll have to watch it with the volume on to get the full experience.

"There's nothing like it."

Seriously, how can you resist this?!

Image via Izzanii Nordin

While Ayam Goreng McD has been around for a long time now, what's new is that it is now available in Share Boxes of 5 and 9 pieces!

Needless to say, everyone looks happy when they finally get their hands greasy…

The look on their faces says it all

Image via Arie Nazrie
Image via @myz44hmid
Image via @azharanditahir

It looks like the hype isn’t dying anytime soon. This guy sums up the whole craze accurately:

Craving for Ayam Goreng McD now? ;)

Nope, this wasn't a sponsored post :D

It's definitely not unusual to see Malaysians endure long queues just to get something they love:

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