[PHOTOS] We Thought All These Signs Were Jokes But They're Actually For Real...

They've broken all the rules and they're pure gold.

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This bank's got your 'back'...

Spotted along the Federal Highway

Image via Judith Yeoh/SAYS

We hope this bag never gets sold to innocent children :O

Spotted in Summit USJ

Image via Judith Yeoh/SAYS


Made in chia seeds

We'll never see 'rasa sayang' the same way again

Spotted in Penang

Image via Judith Yeoh/SAYS

So harsh :(

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Image via SAYS

Okay, at least it's funky and not obscene

Restoran Phang Key

Image via oh{FISH}iee

Instead of tossing it into the sea, why not...?

Spotted in a bank

Image via Judith Yeoh/SAYS

When your keyboard's having a bad day...

Image via Kevin Tan/SAYS

Okay, I'm hungry! So 'imam' gonna name my kampung...

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Kampung 'dry chest' :(

Kampung Penajis... Who are naming all these places? Are there no rules?!

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When a club and a sponsor are a perfect match... #therereallyarenorules #theyhaveallbeenbroken

PUBC Haier...

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