28 Types Of Teachers We All Had In School

Selamat sejahtera, cikgu!

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1. The one who can’t teach without a "weapon"

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A book, ruler, feather duster... whichever gives out the best sound effect.

2. The one who loves telling grandmother/grandfather stories in class

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3. The one who puts on a fashion show everyday

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4. The one who wears the same thing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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They probably thought we wouldn't notice...

5. The one who gives you unreasonable amounts of homework everyday

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6. The one who takes three months to finish marking your homework

7. The one who asks you to bring a stack of textbooks but never uses them

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8. That teacher who teaches you chemistry...

Tries really hard to bond with you...

9. ... and maths...

They really have to measure up :0

10. ... and three more subjects

Muiltitasking is the real test of having kesabaran.

11. The one nobody takes seriously a.k.a. the one everyone loves to bully

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12. The teacher who likes to 'bodek' your parents on report card day

13. The teacher who ALWAYS compares you to ex-students

"My students from last year would NEVER make these kinds of mistake!"

14. The one who would secretly give you relationship advice

15. The one students have crushes on

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Everyone loves to giggle around them, hehe.

16. The one with perfect handwriting

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17. The one with the worst handwriting

You’ll end up copying notes from your classmate instead.

18. The one you can smell from afar

19. The one you can hear from afar

20. The one who can hear YOU from afar

21. The one who will reveal precious exam tips…

22. The one who is ALWAYS late to class, but will not forgive you when you're late

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Why are you so noisy? Why is the class so dirty? Why didn’t you call me from the office? Why didn’t you memorise the dictionary?

23. The one who just won't give you the "pass keluar"

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Hold that bladder.

24. The one who NEVER shows up

Somehow they can manage to slip a homework list to the monitor...

25. The one who doesn’t really teach…

They tell stories, facilitate group discussions, and give presentation projects.

26. That teacher who can't really answer your questions...

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"Rujuk kepada buku rujukan, jangan malas!"

27. The one who won't let you go when the bell rings!

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"One more minute, class!"


It's okay, we're all selamat and sejahtera now :)

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