25 Things You'll Say "OMG YES" To If You Went To An All-Girls School

Girl power FTW!

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1. Everyone is weird and a little crazy

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2. Seriously, the only time you'll see us acting "normal" is in class photos

That "prim and proper" formation probably took at least 15 minutes to set up (with a lot of screaming) and another 5 to get everyone to quiet down.

Actual class photo from the writer's own archives. ;)

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3. Everyone changes clothes in the classroom

Elsa GIF for illustration purposes only. It's not as graceful in real life.

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4. Contrary to popular belief, the toilets are not exceptionally clean. Yes, girls can be gross too... :p

If it's clean and shiny, it's probably reserved for VIP guests or you have to pay for it.

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5. Got your period but don't have a pad? Don't worry, your classmates will save you.

BONUS: Saying you have "period pain" is always a legit excuse to skip PJ. :p

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... But only after you sit through a boring hour-long talk on menstruation.

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7. You're with the "cool and rebellious" crowd if you wear your pinafore unbuckled and slightly unzipped

Other signs you're "cool and rebellious":
- Multiple ear piercings.
- You always have long nails. On purpose.
- You always "forget" to wear your name tag.
- You wear slippers to school although you don't have a leg injury.
- You always eat in class.

8. There will always be "popular gangs" who hate each other simply because it's a "gang rule" to beh syok each other

9. There were a lot of appearance-related rules e.g. no colourful bra straps, cannot wear baju kurung without a camisole underneath, no fancy haircuts etc.

Writer's note: Back when Rihanna made the 'bob' cool again, my school actually made weekly announcements reminding us to not have "rambut ala Rihanna". #SGGSTrueStory

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10. You learn how to sit cross-legged in a pinafore without exposing yourself

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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11. You'd rather wear your PJ clothes all day than change back into the shirt and pinafore

You might get reprimanded by the discipline teacher, but seriously though. You're all sweaty and dirty, it makes no sense to change into a perfectly clean set of uniform. Also... PANTS.

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12. That awkward moment when your pinafore became shorter because you grew taller over the holidays...

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13. No boys = no boy drama

14. You'll always hear the juniors bragging about being "close" to this senior and that senior. Then other juniors become jealous. Then drama.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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15. Gossip is a way of life, especially if it involves boys (having a boyfriend is a BIG DEAL) and lesbian rumours

It's literally all we talk about at recess.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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16. You might have had a crush on one of your male teachers, especially the young trainees

Unfortunately, so does everyone else.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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17. You always look forward to inter-school co-curricular activities and sports events, coz that's when guys from other schools would come to visit

Hey, we're not allowed to have male visitors - both boyfriends and boy friends alike - on normal days, okay.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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18. But thank God you didn't have to deal with boys snickering and asking immature questions during Chapter 4 of Form 3 Science

Y'know... the reproduction chapter. ;)

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19. You get super excited on days when you get to cook for Kemahiran Hidup class

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20. No one likes doing gimrama for PJ. But you have no choice because "got marks one". :(

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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21. Everyone takes exams very, very seriously

TBH, we're super competitive when it comes to academic stuff.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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22. There's always that ONE GIRL who's the best at everything - top scorer lah, athlete lah, president of every kelab and unit beruniform lah, ketua pengawas lah... how to compete liddat?

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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23. You can have long hair and still play macho male characters in school plays

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24. Prom is always an all-girl affair

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25. Last but not least, it made you and your BFFs the people you are today. You wouldn't want it any other way!

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Did you go to an all-girls school growing up? Share your most memorable experiences with us below!

Before the teenage drama that is secondary school, we had some pretty epic moments in primary school:

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