30 Epic Things We All Did As Sekolah Kebangsaan Kids

All the great memories we shared!

  • 1. Waiting anxiously for 'rehat' bell to ring so you could eat play

  • 2. Playing more classroom-friendly games

  • 3. Rushing out after school to buy all your favourite snacks

  • 4. Kelas seni #nuffsaid

  • 5. Doing this for science experiment

  • 6. Visiting the kedai buku everyday and spending all your pocket money there

    • You buy everything and anything except... well, books.

  • 7. Customising and making name cards. Then, handing them out to all your friends like you were some superstar.

    • There's always that one 'dealer' who helps you to make or order these name cards.

  • 8. The toilet pass!

    • An essential item to bring whenever you wanted to use the washroom. Pas keluar kelas can sometimes be replaced with keys when your teacher forgets to bring it along to class.

  • 9. Everyone wanted to be a prefect because...

    • • You get to go for recess 10 minutes earlier than everyone else.
      • You get to show who's the boss when you jaga kelas.
      • You get to write down your friend's name on the blackboard when he or she is noisy.

  • 10. ...but with great power comes great responsibility

    • You must get your timing right when you are chosen to raise the flag while everyone else sings Negaraku.

  • 11. Calling your parents halfway through school using the public phone or the one in the pejabat because you had a stomach ache

    • Let's not forget about how you used to press the '*' and '#' at the same time when using the public phone because you believe that could prolong the usage without inserting additional money into it.

  • 12. You know the real purpose of this wooden ruler is not for measurement

  • 13. When you did something wrong and kena denda...

      • 7ebd Image via WWF
        Pick up rubbish from the school compound.
  • 14. Decorating the class nicely because your teacher wants to win the kelas paling cantik award

    • Also, making a sudut bacaan (reading corner) in the class for extra points.

  • 15. Blackboards

    • The tallest boy or girl in the class is always automatically assigned to clean up the blackboard.

  • 16. Stealing chalk from empty classes for your teacher because you were too lazy to walk to the school's office

    • We all wanted the colourful ones.

  • 17. Brushing your teeth by the longkang

    • ... And trying to avoid getting your uniform wet when you gargle.

  • 18. The scariest thing was when the nurses came to check your teeth

    • You quietly pray that they don't call up your name when they come in for the second time.

  • 19. These are loveeeee! (pun intended :p)

    • One of the best food in your kantin sekolah.

  • 20. You wanted to get into the Rancangan Makanan Tambahan (RMT) list

    • You always envied those who got chosen for RMT and Program Susu Sekolah.

  • 21. MILO VAN!

    • The taste that can never be forgotten!

  • 22. A group of students to play the kompang for every special ceremony

  • 23. Children's Day is the best day of the year!

    • Most likely to get free food, plus the chance to get selected to perform on stage.

  • 24. Then there's Hari Kantin, where you get to spend all your vouchers to buy food

    • Always wishing that you could win something from the lucky draw.

  • 25. Getting very tanned after Hari Sukan/Sukaneka!

  • 26. Celebrating Hari Merdeka with the whole school like it's a festive season

    • Passionately singing (shouting) while waving the Jalur Gemilang.

  • 27. You dreaded 'Report Card Day' aka Hari Terbuka the most

    • And it does not help when your class teacher tells your parents you were too noisy in class.

  • 28. Playing all your favourite games after the year end exams

    • 'UNO', 'Happy Family', 'Snap', 'Donkey', and 'Old Maid' were some the popular card games that everyone played.

      Not forgetting Saidina, Jutaria, batu seremban and congkak too!

  • 29. Go around asking your classmates to fill up your "biodata book"

    • Everyone take turns to write down their biodata, naming their best friends... and their "enemies" too.

  • 30. Contributing at least RM0.20 to the duit kelas fund every week so that the money could be used for the year-end class party

  • Pretty sure we've made a lot of good memories during our childhood. :)

    Oh, how fun it was for all of us who studied in a Sekolah Kebangsaan!

  • What are your favourite memories as a kid from sekolah kebangsaan? Let us know in the comments below!

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