How Many Of These Cartoons From Your Childhood Do You Remember?

Kids these days will never understand.

  • Kids these days may be free to binge-watch Dora The Explorer on their tabs any time they want, but back in our days, watching our favourite shows required quite a bit more planning

      Image from Blues Riders Image via Blues Riders
    • There was a time when our lives revolved around the 'Intisari Rancangan'.

  • Every Saturday, we'd wake up crazy early and our schedule was reserved for watching Kelab Disney Malaysia and all the best cartoons on TV

      Image from SGT Report Image via SGT Report
    • And if we'd followed our parents to the pasar malam on Sundays, we'd better make sure to come home in time for Power Rangers!

  • Which one of these cartoons from the good ol' days did you grow up watching? Upvote the ones you remember!
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  • Ready for your trip down memory lane?

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  • As nostalgic as traditional TV was, having content available digitally has its undeniable benefits. For one thing, that's the main reason we're able to chance upon random cartoons from our childhood again!

  • And of course, no complains about having access to shows in HD!

  • With Malaysian TV going on a full-on digital upgrade, looks like it's good times all the way for us TV fans!

  • Read on for more updates on the digital move:

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