25 Things You'll Only Know If You Went To A Boy's School

Who needs girls, right?

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1. You've probably heard of every single dirty joke known to mankind

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You still know most of them by heart today, right? ;)

2. You had a thing for calling your buddies by their father's name

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3. Every time a female teacher comes on board, you can't help but to get REALLY excited

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4. It might be the only reason why you wouldn't ponteng her class because it was very likely that you had a crush on her!

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No shame, fellas. No shame.

5. Speaking of girls, you would do anything just to find yourself a 'significant other'...

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Having a girlfriend = bragging rights.

6. ... that includes walking more than 5km just to 'hang out' in front of her school

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And pretend to offer her 'protection'.

7. Remember how the mere sight of a girl sent testosterone levels soaring to an all-time high?

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'Eh you go talk to her lah!'

'You go lah! You scared is it?'

8. If someone had a cantik mum or older sister they were reminded about it CONSTANTLY

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9. Vandalism was your favourite past time. DESTROY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!

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Hey, a new table! Let's 'customise' it!

10. Science and Biology were hands down your favourite subject

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Remember Chapter 4 of Form 3 Science? ;)

11. We kick each other in the balls all the time, NBD

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Hey, it was a gesture of 'endearment' ok.

12. And pinch each other’s nipples

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Takes a LOT of practice to achieve precision.

13. You're a cool kid if you didn't tuck in your shirt and wear your tie super low

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Bell-bottom pants were all the rage too.

14. Everyone change clothes in the classroom

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15. School toilets were... barely usable

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16. You saved on trips to the barber because of the free haircuts you got every Monday at perhimpunan

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A new hairstyle every week!

17. You are the people’s champion if you got caned

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Remember how the discipline teacher had you to take out your wallet for maximum pain?

18. Fights weren’t just simple scraps. They were methodically planned spectator events, with buildup and speculation.

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'Lai, one on one later!'

19. You engaged in arm wrestling matches just to prove how 'macho' you are

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20. You hated all other boys’ schools with a burning passion

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Which is why any inter-school competition is not a matter of winning or losing, but a matter of life or death.

21. You were probably darn good at 'art'

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22. You understand that sports aren’t simply important, but a matter of pride and honour

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23. You've learnt the importance of hiding your phones, CDs and MP3 players in discrete places only you and a selected few would know

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If you're good friends with the prefects, things would be a whole lot easier. ;)

24. You don't needa say 'excuse me' every time you burp or fart

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Screw manners.

25. Most importantly, you became bros for life with your fellow classmates and you wouldn't trade that for anything else!

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Did you go to an all-boys school growing up? Share your most memorable experiences with us below!

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